Read-A-Thon Guide – January 2018

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This is a bit late this month but between Christmas, work and a ReadAThon I am currently in I just haven’t had the chance to write anything but reviews for the books I have read. So let’s jump straight in!

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Bout of Books is a week-long ReadAThon that is pretty chill. There are no reading challenges for this ReadAThon. The only challenge is to try and read more than you normally would in a normal week!

The Bout of books will run from midnight on the 8th till 11:59pm on the 14th!

You can find all the Info on there Blog HERE and you can find their Twitter HERE! You are encouraged to connect with others participating through the hashtag #boutofbooks

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This ReadAThon occurs every month and each month there is a different focus on what to read.

So this ReadAThon has 2 parts, first, there is the theme. So the idea is to try and read books related to that theme and then there are the challenges, they are an extra challenge and not necessary but add some extra fun.

HERE is a link to their Goodreads page & HERE is the link to their Twitter.

This ReadAThon happens every month so here are all the future challenges in case you wanted to plan!

Jan 1st – 7th
Theme: Harry Potter
Challenge: Adaptations

Feb 5th – 11th
Theme: New to You Authors
Challenge: Translations

Mar 5th – 11th
Theme: Retellings (of any kind)
Challenge: Marathon a series

Apr 2nd – 8th
Theme: Benchwarmers (books that have been sitting on your shelf for a while)
Challenge: One Word Titles

May 7th – 13th
Theme: Rereads
Challenge: Graphic Novels

Jun 4th – 10th
Theme: Catch Up/Finish Series
Challenge: Read a duology

Jul 2nd – 8th
Theme: TBR Catch Up (Let’s meet those halfway marks on our goals!)
Challenge: Read A Trilogy

Aug 6th – 12th
Theme: Family Favourites (Read your mums/brothers/cousins/etc favourite book)
Challenge: Read the longest book on your TBR

Sept 3rd – 9th
Theme: #OwnVoice Novel
Challenge: Short Stories

Oct 1st – 7th
Theme: Thrillers
Challenge: Big Books (400+ pages)

Nov 5th – 11th
Theme: NaNoWriMo Winners (Books that begun as a NaNoWriMo project and were eventually published)
Challenge: Read the shortest book on your TBR

Dec 3rd – 9th
Theme: Books under 300 pages
Challenge: Read books recommended to you by others

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So this is one of the more well-known ReadAThons that happen regularly! This ReadAThon has reading challenges, video challenges, photo challenges, blog challenges, a group book and live show discussion and heaps more! Obviously, you don’t have to participate in everything, but if you want a bit of an extra challenge give those photo/video/blog challenges a go! You could also win prizes by participating too!!

You can find their Twitter HERE & YouTube Channel HERE and here are the links to the Announcement, Video Challenges & Reading Challenges for this round!

This round goes from midnight on January 20th till 11:59pm on the 26th. The live show is on the 27th and the time is TBA.

The Group book for this round is Otherworld by Jason Segel & Kirsten Miller!


Reading Challenges:
– Read the group book
– Read a sequel
– Read a book that you’ve never heard of before
– Read a book about mental illness
-Read a book that was mentioned in another book/movie/TV Show  (Can also include books that have quotes from other books in the begin of the book)
– Read a book under 200 pages
– Read a backlist book (book published before 2017)
As always with this ReadAThon you can use a book for 1 or 2 challenges but no more than 2!

Video Challenges:
*As each video challenge has a giveaway attached I will put the corresponding book in bold next to the challenge*
20th Jan: Character Recommends Challenge – We are the Ants by Shaun David Hutchinson
21st Jan: Bookish Roast – Paperweight by Meg Haston
22nd Jan: Bookish Routine – Unearthed by Amie Kaufman & Meagan Spooner
23rd Jan: Modernise a book – Warcross by Marie Lu
24th Jan: Bookish Aesthetic – Stalking Jack the Ripper by Kerri Maniscalco
25th Jan: Bookish Free-for-all – Ruby Red by Kerstin Gier 
26th Jan: Fictional MASH – Red Rising by Pierce Brown

For more detailed info on what you need to do for each video, just go to the video challenges link above!

As far as I can tell the Blog challenges and photo challenges have not been posted yet!

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So this ReadAThon is exactly as it sounds! You try and read for a total of 24hours in a 28hour ReadAThon.

This round goes from midnight on the 27th till 11:59pm 28th of Jan.

The only requirement of this ReadAThon is to try and read for the 24 hours. There are no other challenges.

You do need to Sign Up HERE to say you are participating! You can find their Twitter HERE, Instagram HERE, Facebook HERE & Litsy @24in48.

Well that’s all the ones I can find! I am going to try and participate in #AYearAThon & Winter Biannual Bibliothon, but we will see! I will either be participating in #AYearAThon or Duodecathon this year. But I am waiting to see Duodecathons challenges for the year before I decide and Duodecathon hasn’t announced their dates and challenges yet! Hopefully it will be up by the 1st.

As always if you know of any others that are happening in Jan then please let me know so I can add them!



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    1. You’re welcome!

      And I have never been able to do a 24 or 48 Hour ReadAThon because every damn time something comes that won’t allow me to read for a fair chunk of the weekend. I blame my friends and parents 😂

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      1. Oh I know the feeling! I once actually PLANNED a clear weekend and somehow my boyfriend came along and messed the whole thing up by telling our friends / family we had nothing to do. We ended up going to two birthday parties AND a family dinner. I was so tempted to just sit in a corner and read back then, haha. :’D

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  1. Love this post idea!! I’m planning on participating in a few read-a-thons in 2018 so maybe I’ll start off this year by participating in one. 🙂 Usually, I can’t because of work but I’m going to try lol

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