#TheReadingQuest Wrap Up

#TheReadingQuest is over in about an hour and I won't be finishing any more books in that time so I may as well post my Wrap Up now. You can find my TBR HERE & my mid-way update HERE! First, here is the Challenge card. And here is the challenge board with the book I've … Continue reading #TheReadingQuest Wrap Up

Rainbow ReadAThon Wrap Up

So I'm actually starting writing this book with about an hour left of the Rainbow ReadAThon in my time zone. But I have completed all the reading challenges and I have some free time, so I'm writing this now! I read/listened to 7 books during this ReadAThon & also started another. I didn't fully stick … Continue reading Rainbow ReadAThon Wrap Up

#TheReadingQuest – Mid Way Update!

So it is just after half way through #TheReadingQuest! It is actually day 17 and this is what I'm up to so far! You can find my TBR HERE! Here is the Challenge card! I started as a Knight, but I have completed all of those challenges, so I'm moving on to the Mage challenges … Continue reading #TheReadingQuest – Mid Way Update!

Read-A-Thon Guide – September 2017

This is my guide for the Read-A-Thons happening in September! I couldn't find a tonne for September but if you know of any others happening please let me know and I will update the post! At the moment I am only planning on doing the Duodecathon. If I am going to participate I will do … Continue reading Read-A-Thon Guide – September 2017

August Duodecathon TBR

I almost forgot to post this! Usually, I post my TBRs a couple days before a ReadAthon starts but this one starts tomorrow! So if you don’t know the duodecathon is a monthly ReadAThon. There are challenges for this ReadAThon but the cool thing about this one is you have the option to pick from … Continue reading August Duodecathon TBR

Summer Biannual Bibliothon Wrap Up

So another of the ReadAThons are over! Only 1 more left! I had heaps of fun this last week and a half with the Duodecathon, Biannual Bibliothon & BookTubeAThon but I'm also glad they will all be over soon so I can relax and slow down a bit with the reading. So let's get straight … Continue reading Summer Biannual Bibliothon Wrap Up

July Duodecathon Wrap Up

So one of the ReadAThons is over! Still got 2 still going! Let's get straight into what I read! I will split this up into what I read & what I partially read! The Hobbit completed the challenge 'A book that has been on your TBR FOR 2+ years' The Life Siphon didn't complete any challenges … Continue reading July Duodecathon Wrap Up