This is just a short excerpt for the about page.

Hey There! My Name is Eliza, I am a 20 year old from Qld, Australia!
I have a diploma in Beauty Therapy and am in the process of opening an at-home salon. I am also currently working as a Life Guard/Pool Attendant at the local swimming pool until I get my business up and running.
When I’m not working I can usually be found either reading, listening to music or watching YouTube, TV shows or movies!

I love my social media platforms and when I’m bored or have nothing to do I will more than likely be on one of them. I have a Twitter, Pinterest, Litsy, Instagram & Facebook pis that are linked to this blog and I have my main accounts, I will leave all the links below, feel free to like or follow any of them!

I also run a bookish Facebook page, The YA Book Nerds. Please come and join us for monthly dedicated book discussions, games and connecting with an awesome group of bookish people.

Accounts linked to blog:

Bookstagram: @duskangelreads

Twitter: @duskangelreads

Facebook: @duskangelreads

Pinterest: Dusk Angel Reads

Goodreads: DuskAngelReads

Litsy: @duskangelreads

Other Accounts:

Instagram: @duskangel222


Main Tumblr: duskangel222

Fandom Tumblr: Sherbetlemon1881

Tattoo Tumblr: TattooWhiteWolf

I like piercings, and I am obsessed with tattoos and colouring my hair bright colours. I have 4 piercings (ears, helix, and tongue), and I only have 1 tattoo at the moment, which is a wolf, but I’m currently saving for a second (broke life), and I have dyed my hair 11 times since I graduated in November 2014!


I also LOVE LOVE LOVE cars and trucks, with my dad being a truck driver and car fanatic it runs in my blood! When I have some free time I am driving my car, whether it be driving around town or going to get pizza from the nearest dominoes 1/2 an hour away with a mate! I do also like working on my car but at the moment I can’t afford to be doing anything to it unless it actually needs to be done.. Broke life! I also occasionally go for drives with dad in the truck, when I’m not busy or working that is and he isn’t doing a trip that requires staying overnight in the middle of nowhere (He travels all over NSW & Qld)..

I have 3 cats & a dog. 2 of my furbabies are around 10+ years old and one of them only has 3 legs. When he (Hoppy) was born one had grown basically upside down, so we had to get it removed or have him put down.. We got it removed and he has never looked back, even though he only has 3 legs he can get on the roof of the sheds and house, run just as fast as his brother and doesn’t take shit from no dog or other cats. He also demands the attention of us whenever he is inside. Mmiee (pronounced M E), his brother, is a little quieter and doesn’t like a lot of attention and can more than likely be found cuddling up with hoppy in their bed. I also have a demon in cat form named Possum, who is fluffy and white and looks cute and cuddly, when actually if you try and pat her, she will attack you. If you walk past her, she will attack you. If you try and feed her or give her water, she will attack you. In other words, she’s a complete asshole, but I love her. As for my dog, I haven’t had her for too long. I got her just before Christmas in 2017. She was around 18 months when I got her and she was kind of a rescue dog. I got her from people in town that were abusing her, not feeding her and not looking after her. It’s been a bit of a challenge, trying to train her as she is that bit older already and wasn’t trained at all with her last owners. Also just having a dog for the first time has been an interesting experience and is definitely a learning curve.


I just wanted to add a little note here about the blogs that I will follow back as I have literally had a comment on one of my tag posts saying I was a ‘rude bitch’ for not following them back.

So I will only follow bookish blogs, whether than be average book bloggers, strict reviewers or authors. However, I will not follow blogs that only feature certain genres that I have absolutely no interest in, for example, Adult Romance, Erotica, Children’s Books, Non-Fiction, Cookbooks & Horror. If you have a mix of genre’s I’m interested in and one of these then I will consider following. But what is the point in following a blog about books I will never be interested in reading reviews for?

So that is all about that subject. Thank you so much for following if you have!!!



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