Review Policy

I am currently accepting review requests!

Formats I accept

Physical Books (I am located in Australia)

Genres I Accept (Only YA or Middle Grade)

Historical Fiction

Genres I will not Accept

**I will not read any book that is heavy on the romance. It does not matter what genre it is. I simply do not enjoy reading about romances that are concentrated on more than the plot of the book or if the plot of the book is the romance. It is that simple – I will not enjoy them – So there is really no point in my reading them**


What to expect from me

Just because a request for me to review a book is made does not guarantee I will accept it or that you will get a response. When receiving a request I will read the synopsis and will accept or not, depending on whether it sounds like something I will enjoy. If I receive a request that is outside of my accepted genres & you have clearly not actually read this review policy then I will not waste my time replying.

My reviews will include:

– Image of cover (will use the image from Goodreads unless otherwise provided)
– Page count
– Publisher (including link to website)
– Links to the book on Book Depository, Angus & Robertson & Amazon Australia (This may include affiliate links)

All my reviews will be 100% honest and if I did not like the book I will explain as to why this book was not for me.
If I DNF a book I may not review. If the book is simply not my cup of tea I will likely not review as it is not a reflection of the book and rather my personal taste. I will email to let you know I will not be reviewing. If I DNF because of a certain issue I had then yes I will review it and explain why I DNFd to my audience.
*I WILL ALWAYS give an honest review, whether that be positive or negative and this is not a direct attack to the author. So, accept that everyone has different tastes and opinions and move on with life if I do give a negative review. If an author was to attack me because of a review I write then I will let my followers know this because I would not want the same thing happening to them if they were to read the book & negatively review it.

Reviews will be posted to my blog and sometimes StoryGraph (I no longer utilise Goodreads)

Once a book has been reviewed I will send an email containing a link to my review.

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Other Info

No author has permission to copy my reviews to any platform. You may share a link to it if you wish but do not copy any part of it to any other platform/blog. If you would like to add it to a website or such with full credit to myself then please email me to request that. Fees may apply.

If you were interested in doing a giveaway, interview or any other promotional post then please add that to your original email as I am happy to do that. If I rate the book below 3 stars or DNF it then I will not do a giveaway or any other promotional posts for that specific book on my blog. I cannot in good conscience be promoting a book when I did not enjoy it myself. That is simply not fair on my followers.