Review Policy

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I am currently accepting books for review.

Formats I accept

Physical Books (I am located in Australia), ePub, MOBI & PDF.

Genres I Accept (Only YA or Middle Grade)

Historical Fiction

Genres I will not Accept


What to expect from me

Just because a request for me to review a book is made does not guarantee I will accept it. When receiving a request I will read the synopsis and will accept or not depending on whether it sounds like something I will enjoy. I review every book I read.

All the reviews will be spoiler free and I will discuss the following topics:

– Cover Art
– Writing
– Plot
– Characters
– Overall Opinion

My reviews will also include:

– Goodreads Synopsis (unless otherwise specified)
– Image of cover (will use image from Goodreads unless otherwise provided)
– Page count
– Publisher (including link to website)

All my reviews will be 100% honest and if I did not like the book I will explain as to why this book was not for me. Also if I DNF a book I will still review it and will explain as to why I did not finish that certain book.

Reviews will be posted to my blog and to Goodreads.

Once a book has been reviewed I will send an email containing a link to my review to the email I was emailed from about that certain book. If you want that message sent else where please let me know.

My Rating System

Other Info

If you wish to share my review to any website or social media either include that in the original email or email me prior to doing it.

If you were interested in doing a giveaway, interview or any other promotional post that please add that to your original email as I am happy to do that. If I rate the book below 3 stars or DNF it then I will not do a giveaway or any other promotional stuff for that specific book on my blog.


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