Are You Reading More Than A 5th Grader? ReadAThon TBR

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Okay, so you may have seen my TBR for the Book To School Challenge over at TBR and Beyond on Facebook! Well alongside that challenge they have a week-long ReadAThon going on to help us get those Book To School TBRs complete!! I thought I would share my TBR here!!

If you want to join in! Head over to TBR and Beyond and press join!! It is a super fun group with heaps of things going on! We even have author chats coming up in the next few months!

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So as there are no challenges, I don’t have a definite TBR, but these are the books that I hope to have finished by the end of the ReadAThon!

So I plan to read 6 books. 3 audiobooks and 3 books. I have already started Dragon on Trial and Beneath the Sugar Sky so I may have finished them before the readathon or at least read a fair chunk of them. They are both really short, so I probably will get them finished beforehand.
Krakens and Lies is pretty short too, but I want to continue the Menagerie series as it has been awesome so far!
Mark of the Thief is one of the books on my Book To School TBR, so I need to get to it!
Snow Like Ashes is the BOTM for the Facebook group I run, The YA Book Nerds, so I need to get on that reread so I can write the discussion questions.
Lastly, Whisper is an eARC I have, however, the book is already out and I bought myself a physical copy yesterday when I saw it at Kmart. So hopefully I love it or that will be a waste of money! I have high hopes as I loved The Medoran Chronicles by Lynette Noni!

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