The Orilium Academy 🌸 Spring Equinox TBR

It's been a while but between being in a bit of a slump & also starting a new (and second) small business I've been a tad busy! April however is the Spring Equinox of The Orilium Academy and as April started today it's time to share my TBR! ReadAThon Announcement My Character Firstly, since completing … Continue reading The Orilium Academy 🌸 Spring Equinox TBR

Bookopoly ReadAThon πŸ“š Wrap Up

*Reposting this one as it posted but was missing some of the post! No idea what happened there but here is the full thing. Bookopoly ReadAThon Round 4 has come to an end & it's time to see how I went! I will not be going into huge detail about the books in this post. … Continue reading Bookopoly ReadAThon πŸ“š Wrap Up

Magical ReadAThon: Orilium πŸ§πŸ»β€β™€οΈ Wrap Up

The first ever Magical ReadAThon: Orilium is over and it's time to share my progress! I will be posting a full wrap up for September so I won't go into my thoughts or ratings of each of the books in this post. Keep an eye out for that one in the coming week! Aeloia Map … Continue reading Magical ReadAThon: Orilium πŸ§πŸ»β€β™€οΈ Wrap Up

Magical ReadAThon: Orilium 🌬 TBR

As you can probably tell by the title I have decided to join the Magical ReadAThon! This round is like a lead up to the actual magical school based ReadAThon that begins in April 2022! Oh and it also replaces the previously Harry Potter themed version! This one is hosted by G from Book Roast … Continue reading Magical ReadAThon: Orilium 🌬 TBR

Bookopoly ReadAThon ✨ Round 4

Dates Round 4 of the Bookopoly ReadAThon will go from 12:00AM on the 13th of September till 11:59pm on the 12th of October! The Bookopoly Board You are welcome to download this image and enlarge to print out or simply download it and zoom in to see it better. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make the text … Continue reading Bookopoly ReadAThon ✨ Round 4

GraphicsAThon & June Wrap Up

I got a tonne of books read in June thanks to GraphicsAThon! I read 14 Graphic Novels, 2 Paperbacks & 2 Audiobooks. Let's jump in! Paperbacks The Island by C.L. TaylorThe Cheerleaders by Kara Thomas I've really been in a mystery mood so both of these were perfect for that. I rated both of these … Continue reading GraphicsAThon & June Wrap Up

GraphicsAThon ✨ Round 4 ✨ TBR

I've decided to join GraphicsAThon as I need a bit of encouragement for reading right now! I thought Graphic Novels would be the perfect fit for that as they are easier to read & I'm super busy right now! So, let's jump in! New-To-You Author The Blue Road: A Fable of Migration by Wayde Compton … Continue reading GraphicsAThon ✨ Round 4 ✨ TBR

2020 Reading Goals & Challenges πŸ“š Wrap Up

Today I'll be talking about my 2020 goals/challenges & how I went. To be honest I lost focus on these challenges completely after I fell into a reading slump in March/April. After that I was simply focusing on reading what I felt like reading to try and kill the slump! So, let's jump in. 20 … Continue reading 2020 Reading Goals & Challenges πŸ“š Wrap Up