My 10 Books to Read in 2023 Challenge

Some of you may know that every year for the past few years I have set a challenge to read a specific X books in X year (20 in 2020, 21 in 2021, etc.). These books all have to be books that are on my physical TBR prior to the year starting. Well for the last couple years I’ve struggled to actually complete this challenge. I’m very much a mood reader so setting 22 specific books I need to read just wasn’t really working too well. In 2022 I managed to complete 11 of the books & in 2021 I got 10 of them read. For 2023 I decided to take the pressure off and try for just 10 instead of the 23 in 2023 that would have been the challenge. So here we are. The 10 books I am challenging myself to read in 2023!

Are there any books you are challenging yourself to read in 2023? Let me know in the comment what you’re more keen for!

Thanks for reading! Eliza