Bookopoly ReadAThon ๐Ÿ“š Wrap Up

*Reposting this one as it posted but was missing some of the post! No idea what happened there but here is the full thing.

Bookopoly ReadAThon Round 4 has come to an end & it’s time to see how I went! I will not be going into huge detail about the books in this post. My wrap ups will cover my thoughts so any of the books I read in September you can find that post HERE and the October books, that post will be up in a few weeks!

Let’s jump in!

Bookopoly ReadAThon board

1st Roll: LGBT+ rep

Points for challenge: 100

B*Witch has a lot of LGBT+ rep and diversity in general. There are queer characters, a trans girl, POC and characters with anxiety. You can checkout my review HERE!

My points: 100

2nd Roll: Comfort Zone

Points for challenge: 160

Keeper of the Lost Cities is the first book in a MG Fantasy series. Fantasy is of course by comfort zone so this fit perfectly. While middle grade isn’t exactly my comfort zone sometimes I feel like it’s safer as there is a lot less chance of romance which is the opposite to my comfort zone!

My points: 260

3rd Roll: Cozy Book

Points for challenge: 220

The Grandest Bookshop in the World was so fun! This definitely was a cozy book. It’s a middle grade historical adventure with mystery elements. Historical & mystery are definitely what I think of when I hear the words Cozy Book! So this fit perfectly.

My points: 480

4th Roll: Bookshelf – Time Travel

Points for challenge: 100

I had no idea what to pick for this as I didn’t have any on my shelf. I googled YA time travel books for ages before finding this one! Majority of the other ones I had read or sounded like romances with a bit of time travel. This one sounded really interesting so I grabbed the eBook! It did end up having some romance in it but I did enjoy the plot.

My points: 580

5th Roll: LGBT+ Author

Points for challenge: 300

I have always wanted to try Rin Chupeco. While this wasn’t the book I was originally going to pick up from this author, this one was available on the new Audible Plus feature. So I thought why not! This was a super quick YA Horror story so great for a ReadAThon!

My points: 880

6th Roll: Debut Author

Points for challenge: 350

Timekeeper is a YA LGBT+ fantasy which is the first book in a series. This is another one that popped up on the new Audible Plus feature. I needed an audiobook at the time so this was perfect for that! I don’t think this is series I will be continuing but it wasn’t a bad read! Also it has a diverse MC! So bonus points for that.

My points: 1,230

7th Roll: Blue Cover

Points for challenge: 100 (also passed GO and collected 200 points)

I wanted to add a graphic novel to break up all the physical/eBooks and audiobooks I was reading. I basically just looked at the Graphic Novel section of Scribd & this one had a blue cover so I picked it up. I had no expectations because I have never even heard of it but it was actually really good!

My points: 1,530

8th Roll: Treasure Chests – Gems on the cover

Points for challenge: 100

I finally picked this one! This has been on my TBR for way too long but it was the perfect fit for this challenge with the red gems on the E. This book was NOT what I expected from it and I’m not 100% sure how I feel about the writing style so overall was a little different!

My points: 1,630

9th Roll: 3 Word Title

Points for challenge: 240

This was a bit of a stretch. While it’s not technically 3 words it is 3 groups of characters. So I am counting it! This was not exactly what I was expecting & honestly it’s not my favourite graphic novel. Obviously the topic matter is horrendous but I was expecting a story of someone who was in one of the towers & i would end up a sobbing mess. This read more like a documentary and focused more on the repercussions that this event had on America more so than the actual event. Which just wasn’t what I was expecting. I am definitely curious to read other books/graphic novels on this event though.

My points: 1,870

10th Roll: Treasure Chest – Crown/Tiara on the cover

Points for challenge: 100

This was a reread for me! So of course I loved it. I wanted to do a reread before picking up The Hawthorne Legacy which I’m glad I did because I thought I remembered everything but I really didn’t!

My points: 1,970

So, I ended up with a total of 1,970 points which is down from previous rounds but I’m still happy with what I read. I only actually read 2 of these books during October but that’s because I wasn’t really in an audiobook mood. I picked up 3 different audiobooks & just couldn’t get into any of them until rereading The Inheritance Games. Also I spent the first 7 days of October reading The Ghost Tracks and I ended up DNFing it. So that cut into my reading time for sure!

Thanks for reading! Eliza