Bookopoly ReadAThon πŸ“š Wrap Up

*Reposting this one as it posted but was missing some of the post! No idea what happened there but here is the full thing. Bookopoly ReadAThon Round 4 has come to an end & it's time to see how I went! I will not be going into huge detail about the books in this post. … Continue reading Bookopoly ReadAThon πŸ“š Wrap Up

GraphicsAThon & June Wrap Up

I got a tonne of books read in June thanks to GraphicsAThon! I read 14 Graphic Novels, 2 Paperbacks & 2 Audiobooks. Let's jump in! Paperbacks The Island by C.L. TaylorThe Cheerleaders by Kara Thomas I've really been in a mystery mood so both of these were perfect for that. I rated both of these … Continue reading GraphicsAThon & June Wrap Up