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It’s a couple days from ScoobAThon Round 2! I am already taking part in BOTWathon throughout the entirety of October. So I’m combining the challenges for both! ScoobAThon goes from 17th to 23rd of October and you’re able to use one book for multiple challenges which works out great!

ScoobAThon Announcement


Mooncakes: #8, #10, #14 & #15
These Deadly Games: #1, #2 & #6
At the End of Everything: #5
Demon in the Woods: #12
The Awakening Storm: #3

I don’t currently have books for #4, #7, #9, #11 & #13 but there is a possibility that some of these books may fulfil some of those challenges.

If you are participating in ScoobAThon let me know what you’re most looking forward to reading! These Deadly Games if probably the one I’m most keen for!

Thanks for reading! Eliza

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