Bookopoly ReadAThon 📚 Round 2 💫 Announcement

You guys wanted Round 2 soon so here it is!


Round 2 of the Bookopoly ReadAThon will go for the entirety of September! From 12:00AM on the 1st of September till 11:59pm on the 30th of September!

The Bookopoly Board

You are welcome to download this image and enlarge to print out or simply download it and zoom in to see it better. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make the text any bigger or the information simply wouldn’t of fitted.

I break down this Bookopoly Board in my YouTube Announcement for the visually impaired

The Basics

For this ReadAThon all you have to do is roll 2 dice and make your way around the board earning or losing points based on the spaces you land on and what is required for each space. Pretty simple but I have added some fun elements like quizzes & bonus challenges throughout!

Also, if you roll a double when making your way around the board you simply roll again. Roll doubles, move your marker, roll again and then complete the challenge in that space. This is the same as in the actual game to keep it easy.

Different types of spaces

Property spaces

All you have to do when you land on one of these is Read a book that fits the challenge and once you do you Earn the specified points & then take your next roll.
I have tried to keep the challenges broad but if you simply do not have a book that fits the challenge you can read something that is kinda similar but doesn’t quite fit and still earn full points or read something that is the opposite. Get creative with it. As long as you can justify the book you chose then you can earn the points.
If you land on the same property space twice throughout the month you can either complete the challenge again and earn more points OR skip and roll again but not earn any points.

Treasure Chest Space

Treasure Chest Spaces!

These replace the Community Chest spaces on a normal Monopoly board. For Treasure Chest you will need to complete a Quiz. You can always find the Quizzes linked in our Twitter Bio.
The Treasure Chest Quiz will result in you receiving a Treasure Chest Card where you could earn or lose points depending on which you get. If you land on this square more than once you will need to retake the test to receive another card but for the second time you must answer the quiz questions the opposite of what you first answered them so that you can discover a new card.

Adventure Space


I have changed up the Adventure Space this round as I simply wasn’t happy with it for round 1. In round 2 when you land on the space you must head over to the Adventure Map. Start at Haroyell on the map and chose a path at random. When you reach the end of that path you will need to complete the corresponding challenge to earn the 100 points for this space.

Adventure Map

Haroyell > Meya
Haroyell > Soori Outpost
Haroyell > Dupressa
Meya > Mardenia (End of Route)
Meya > Ezera Forest
Soori Outpost > Akarnae Academy
Soori Outpost > Garon
Dupressa > Garon
Ezera Forest > Mount Paedris
Akarnae Academy > Woodhaven
Garon > Chateau Shondelle (End on Route)
Garon > Denasa
Mount Paedris > Maroo (End of Route)
Mount Paedris > Woodhaven
Denasa > Graevale (End of Route)
Woodhaven > Tryllin
Woodhaven > Karonia
Tryllin > Nialas (End of Route)
Karonia > Hallowgate (End of Route)

Adventure Map Challenges. See below.

Mardenia: Read a book with “Star” in the title
Maroo: Read a book with “Girl” in the title
Nialas: Read a book with “Fire” in the title
Hallowgate: Read a book with “Blood” in title
Graevale: Read a book with “Queen” in title
Chateau Shondelle: Read a book with “King” in title

Forgot your book & Dropped your book Spaces

These spaces replace the Luxury Tax/Income Tax spaces on a real Monopoly board. Landing on either of these means you lose points and you will continue to lose points every time you land on them.

Bookshelf Space: Tree/s on cover

Bookshelf Cover

The Book Shelf spaces replace the Train Stations/Airports on normal Monopoly boards. For these squares there is also a Reading Challenge which functions the same as the property spaces, however you have the ability to earn bonus points with these squares! You can land on any Book Shelf space and complete the challenge more than once. If you complete 1 challenge you receive 100 points, if you land on a 2nd Book Shelf space and complete the challenge you received 150 points, 3rd is 200 points & 4th is 250 points. This counts for all of the Bookshelf spaces, so first you could land on the left most Book Shelf, complete the challenge and get 100 points & then the next time you could land on the right side Book Shelf, complete the challenge and get another 150 points. You do not have to land on and recomplete the exact same space just to get the bonus points.
This is slightly hard to explain but hopefully this makes sense! Any questions simply comment below.

Magical Ability

Magical Ability

Introducing the Magical Ability space! This replaces the Sorting Hat space for Round 1. For the Magical Ability space you will need to use a random number generator or get a person to chose a number at random for you between 1 & 6. You will then receive the corresponding magical ability. You can only use this ability once for each time you land on the space. You do not need to use the ability straight away. It is completely up to you when you use the ability and on which space.

Magical Ability Challenges. See below.

1. Skip 1 challenge & earn the points
2. Earn double points on 1 challenge
3. Double the amount on your dice roll
4. Skip 1 challenge (no points earned)
5. Change 1 word in a challenge to suit you
6. Read any book you chose for 1 challenge

Get a Pet space!

Get a Pet!

The Get a Pet space replaced the Reaping space from Round 1. In Round 2 to receive a pet companion to go on your Bookopoly ReadAThon journey you will need to check out the Get a Pet Graphic, choose your type of pet & complete the corresponding challenge.

Get a Pet Challenges. See below.

Dog: Read a book featuring assassins
Cat: Read a book featuring murder
Bird: Read a book featuring magic
Lizard: Read a book featuring food
Fish: Read a book featuring dragons
Hamster: Read a book featuring royalty

Corner Spaces

Obviously we have the starting point, Go which is where you begin and will also collect 200 points every time you go past.

Next is the In a Reading Slump/Just waiting space. This is where you will sit if you are In a Reading Slump. To get out of the Reading Slump you have 3 options!
Roll a doubles on your dice within 5 rolls (If you don’t roll doubles within 5 rolls you must choose another option)
Lose 100 points
Use a ‘Get Out of Your Reading Slump Free Card’

Next is the Library. This is just to fill space. If you land on this space simply roll again and continue on.

Lastly is the Fall into a Reading Slump space. If you land on this one you must head on over to the In a Reading Slump square and follow the above rules. If you pass ‘GO’ do NOT collect 200 points.

Points Tracker

I have set up a Google Sheet for you guys to record your points & current position on the board. It is up to you to keep track of your points but this just gives you a place to put that information!

Bookopoly ReadAThon Google Sheet


We have a discord for you all to chat on! We will also be hosting sprints on this Discord rather than Twitter, so make sure you come and join us!

Bookopoly ReadAThon Discord


We also have a Twitter where we encourage people to share their current reads and progress around the board and tag us in it so we can see how everyone is going!

Well I think that is all the info you guys need! If you have any questions please comment them below or head on over to our Discord and there is a Channel for questions!

Let me know if you will be participating in Bookopoly ReadAThon.

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