TBR Jar ReadAThon – Round #4 Announcement!

Dates: 24th – 30th of May, 2019

How it works

This ReadAThon is pretty simple. First, pick a goal. I will be aiming for 7 books, but you can choose as many or as little books as you wish.
Next, grab a jar, or cup, or hat, it really doesn’t matter. Something you can put names into.
For the next step, you can do this one a few ways.
Option 1 is to put all the books on your TBR (physical, eBook, audiobook, whatever you wish) into a hat.
Option 2, you can pick some of the books you are most looking forward to and put them in a hat. (Try and put at least double the amount that is your goal to make it interesting)
Option 3, (this is what I will be doing), get a 2nd jar, in 1 jar put all the physical & eBooks books on your TBR into it and in the 2nd jar put all the audiobooks on your TBR.
Lastly, pick a name out of the jar and read that book, then pick another name and read that book and continue until you either hit your goal or run out of time in the ReadAThon.

Extra Info

You can choose to pull the number of names you choose for your goal out of the jar prior to the ReadAThon or pull them out as you go.

Use the hashtag #TBRJarRAT so I can see what you’re up to (also if it is on Twitter or Instagram then you can tag the @TBRJarRAT page too.

So, some of you may have a few books from the same series still on your TBR. Join the club. So if this is the case, you can either choose to only put the 1st book (or the book you are up to) in the TBR jar OR you can put it in as the full series. So if you pick up that name, then you have to try and read all the books from that series that you have on your shelf.
This ReadAThon is very customisable, so do whatever fits you.

Instagram Challenge

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