ReadAThon Guide Update!

Last ReadAThon post for a while! I swear! I just wanted to let you guys know that thanks to popular demand I created a Twitter & Instagram account dedicated to ReadAThon news! So I will update both with any new ReadAThons I find and any important info about upcoming ReadAThons! I'm currently adding all the … Continue reading ReadAThon Guide Update!

Ultimate ReadAThon Guide!

*THIS POST WILL BE LINKED AT THE TOP OF MY BLOG AND WILL BE UPDATED REGULARLY!* This is where you can find everything ReadAThon! ReadAThon Calendar! Break down of how the ReadAThon Calendar works This is a Preview of the ReadAThon Calendar for August August 2018 Past Monthly Guides: July 2018 June 2018 May 2018 … Continue reading Ultimate ReadAThon Guide!

ReadAThon Guide – August 2018

Okay, so this is a bit later than usual but it is here! Here are all the ReadAThons I could fine for August. For August I couldn't find any ReadAThons shorter than a week or any that were in the 2-4 weeks category. I think with the crap tonne of ReadAThons that happened in July, … Continue reading ReadAThon Guide – August 2018

ReadAThon Guide – July 2018

I'm back for the next month's ReadAThon guide! This month is exciting as I'm hosting my own ReadAThon! So yes I am featuring it first, shameless self-promo!! This is going to be a hectic couple month as there are a lot of ReadAThons I want to join coming up! There is just a lot of … Continue reading ReadAThon Guide – July 2018

ReadAThon Guide – March 2018

Here is my March ReadAThon guide! I am going to start splitting my Guides up into 1-2 day ReadAThons, week long ReadAThons, 2-3 week long ReadAThons and then Monthly ReadAThons. That will make it easier for those trying to look for a specifc type of ReadAThon Four Seasons 24 Hour ReadAThon This is a 24 … Continue reading ReadAThon Guide – March 2018

Read-A-Thon Guide – January 2018

This is a bit late this month but between Christmas, work and a ReadAThon I am currently in I just haven't had the chance to write anything but reviews for the books I have read. So let's jump straight in! Bout of Books is a week-long ReadAThon that is pretty chill. There are no reading … Continue reading Read-A-Thon Guide – January 2018