Read-A-Thon Guide – December 2017

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I’m back for another monthly ReadAThon guide! Let’s get into this!

At the moment I am planning on doing Duodecathon!

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This ReadAThon occurs every month and each month there is a different focus on what to read.

So this ReadAThon has 2 parts, first, there is the theme. So the idea is to try and read books related to that theme and then there are the challenges, they are an extra challenge. I am not sure whether you have to try and find a challenge that fits into that month theme or whether you just read two separate books for each.

HERE is a link to their Goodreads page

This ReadAThon happens every month so here are all the future challenges in case you wanted to plan!

4-10 December: 2017 Debuts
Read the last book (or books) you bought

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This ReadAThon also is every month. This one has 12 options for challenges that you can pick from and the idea of this is that you participate every month and by the end of the year you will have done them all.

You can find info and join the Goodreads group HERE.


December 25-31


Read 1,200 pages
Start OR finish a series
A 2017 debut author
A short story
A Graphic Novel
A Non-Fiction book
A Book that has been on your TBR for 2+ years
A book with multiple authors
A book you picked up because of the cover
A book that has to do with travelling
Someone else’s favourite book
The first book on your shelf you have read

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This Because Dragons ReadAThon will only be a mini round! BecauseDragonsRAT is fantasy themed ReadAThon that this time goes for 4 days! There are 3 challenges in this ReadAThon and also there is a giveaway too!

It goes from midnight on the 15th to 11:59pm on the 18th of December.


Read a book with a morally gray character
Read a book that features travel or adventure
Read a book with treasure on the cover or in the title

You can find their Twitter HERE!

To enter the giveaway all you have to do is share your TBR for the ReadAThon using the hashtag #becausedragonrat

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Okay, so this looks like a new ReadAThon and there is very little info on it! All I can tell is that it goes for the first week of December, so that would be 1st-7th.

You can find their Twitter HERE!

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HarryChristmasToYou is a month long ReadAWatchALongAThon! So basically you read the books and watch the movies! You can read as many of the books as you can in the month! You do not have to read them all, just as much as you can. This might be a time to do a reread using the first 3 illustrated editions seen as Prisoner of Azkaban just came out!

Now I am assuming this will be on this year! There isn’t an announcement video up yet for this year, they still have last years pinned to the top of the page. But there are hints in the other Tweets that it is on. All my information is based on how it has worked in previous years.

For the WatchALongAThon part there will be a different youtuber for each book & movie and they will be posting on Twitter when to watch the movies if you want to watch them at the same time as everyone else.

There is also usually Video challenges, Trivia Nights and a house cup! You can win points from heaps of different things and then everyone in the winning house will go in the draw to win a prize!

You can find their Twitter HERE!

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AVeryMerryReadAThon is a christmas themed ReadAThon that is pretty laid back! There are only 3 reading challenges and the ReadAThon goes for 5 days. You can also use one  book for multiple challenges, so if you are really talented you could read 1 book and complete the ReadAThon!

HERE is the announcement post!

The ReadAThon will take place from midnight on the 4th till 11:59pm on the 8th of December.


Read a book that takes place during the holidays
Read a book with a Christmas colour/s on the cover
Read a book just because you want to

You can find their Twitter HERE! And if you are talking about the ReadAThon on Twitter make sure you tag them and use the hashtag #AVeryMerryReadathon on other social media.

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Okay, so as far as I can tell this week long ReadAThon is aimed at your currently reading books and trying to get that number down as we go into the new year! So this would be exculsively for people that start multiple books and don’t finish them. I would not be able to participate as I just don’t do that, I’m a one book at a time kind of person. She also said in the announcement that this is a ReadAThon to finally finish those books or DNF them completely. But I’t if it still counts as completing a challenge if you DNF.

The ReadAThon takes place from midnight on the 11th till 11:59pm on the 17th of November.

There are challenges for this ReadAThon but you don’t have to complete them. Obviously, because you are restricted to books you have already started you simply may not have a book that fits a certain challenge, so that is fine. You can also use one book for more than one challenge.


Finish a book that you put down over a year ago
Finish a book you put down sometime this year
Finish a book that you put down at halfway
Finish a book you are actively reading
(so not one that you put down a while ago and just haven’t finished.)
Finish 5 books

You can find their Twitter HERE!

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The Cramathon is a week long ReadAThon happening after Christmas and crosses over a little into Janurary! The Cramathon has reading challenges.

The ReadAThon takes place from midnight on the 26th of December and finished at 11:59pm on the 2nd of January.

You can find the Twitter page HERE! Also HERE is Ali’s announcement video!

Reading Challenges:

A book with under 200 pages
A book with LGBTQIAP+ rep
The shortest book on your TBR
A book with your favourite colour on the cover
A book that was gifted to you
One of the hosts’ favourite short books (If you can’t get your hands on one of these then you can choose a book that a friend recommended.)
– The Grownup by Gillian Flynn (64 pages)
– Living Dead Girl by Elizabeth Scott (169 pages)
– George by Alex Gino (208 pages)
– And Every Morning The Way Home Gets Longer and Longer by Fredrick Backman (96 pages)
Read 7 books.

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This is a month long ReadAThon, but I would actually call it a challenge too. Basically all you have to do is try and read as many diverse books as possible in the month of December. You don’t have to read only diverse books but the challenge is just here to encourage you to read more diverse books!

HERE is the announcement post on Books & Munches Blog!

All you have to do is make a blog post saying you are participating and your possible reads! Pretty simple right?! Make sure you use the hashtag #diversedecember when posting on social media.

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This ReadAThon is a 12 day ‘choose your own adventure’ ReadAThon with so much going on!! But I will get to all that!

This ReadAThon goes from midnight on the 13th to 11:59pm on the 24th of December!

Firstly there are challenges! This works in a map system similar to the map of the Scallywagathon! So you start at the bottom and when you reach the top you have finished! There are signposts all over the map which have challenges on them. Whenever you get to one, that is the challenge you complete. Some of the signposts are on intersections and you have a choice of which path (and challenge) to take. I will insert the map below. There are also 2 examples in their blog post if you wish to see them.

**All pictures are from**


** Save the photo and zoom in if you are having trouble reading the signposts**

As you can see, there are only single words on the signposts. Each of them links to a challenge which you can find in the image below.


Depending on which path you take you will land on 1 of 4 characters. These characters match 1 of the 4 ‘houses’ which you are part of for the House Cup part if you wish to take place, this is optional.

Make sure you post a TBR on your blog or social media and say if you are participating in the House Cup challenge and which ‘house’ you are in. Use the tag #holidayadventureathon when posting your TBR! There are 4 separate hashtags for each of the houses to share just with your house! They are #holidaypenguin #holidayreindeer #holidayelf & #holdaysnowman

There are heaps of ways to earn posts for your house! I will copy and past them direct from the AdventureAThon post below!

  • Posting YouTube videos about your readathon experience. (20p)
    Can be: TBR videos, reading updates, daily or weekly vlogs, wrap up videos.
  • Posting blogs about your readathon experience. (20p)
    Can be: TBR posts, reading updates, wrap ups.
  • Posting photos of your TBR or reading progress. (10p)
    Post with the hashtag #holidayadventureathon and your team hashtag so that we can find your posts.
  • Tweeting about the readathon. (10p) (MAX 12)
    Tweet with the hashtag #holidayadventureathon and your team hashtag so that we can find your posts. Only one Tweet per day will count points towards your team.
  • Participating in Twitter sprints. (5p)
    Tweet with the hashtag #holidaysprints.
  • The number of pages you read. (1p)
    1 point will be awarded for every 1 page you read. Audiobooks are also counted.
  • Finishing books. (200p)
  • Completing readathon challenges. (100p)
  • Completing your entire readathon path. (500p)

There is a FAQ section on the post too if you have any other questions or comment on their post!! You can find their announcement post HERE and you can find their Twitter HERE!

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This ReadAThon focuses on f/f romances and the only rule is to read books with f/f romances that involve the MC! This ReadAThon has a bingo board of challenges! You can use 1 book for more than 1 challenge too.

The ReadAThon goes for 2 weeks and starts at midnight on the 14th and finishes at 11:59pm on the 28th of December!


You can find their Twitter HERE! You can also find the announcement blog post HERE which includes recommendations for each challenge!

As always, if you know of any other ReadAThons then please comment or tag me on Twitter in their post! @duskangelreads !!



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