January 2018 Duodecathon TBR

So, I loved doing Duodecathon last year, however, I am not loving their complete lack of organisation for this month! I only just went onto my goodreads account and saw the message from the creator saying the challenges and stuff are up. The message was sent 7 hours ago. I then read that the ReadAThon … Continue reading January 2018 Duodecathon TBR

December 2017 Duodecathon TBR

So this is the last Duodecathon of the year!! To complete the 2017 duodecathon I need to complete 3 challenges this month! So if you don’t know the duodecathon is a monthly ReadAThon. There are challenges for this ReadAThon but the cool thing about this one is you have the option to pick from 12 … Continue reading December 2017 Duodecathon TBR

November 2017 Duodecathon Wrap Up

So, this month went crap! For the last week and a half I have been in such a slump! I have been pushing myself the last couple months with crazy amounts of ReadAThons and I think I burnt myself out a bit. So I have been taking it slow for the last week and hopefully, … Continue reading November 2017 Duodecathon Wrap Up

Read-A-Thon Guide – December 2017

I’m back for another monthly ReadAThon guide! Let’s get into this! At the moment I am planning on doing Duodecathon! This ReadAThon occurs every month and each month there is a different focus on what to read. So this ReadAThon has 2 parts, first, there is the theme. So the idea is to try and … Continue reading Read-A-Thon Guide – December 2017

Read-A-Thon Guide – October 2017

I'm back for another monthly ReadAThon guide! Let's get into this! At the moment I am only planning on doing the Duodecathon. If I am going to participate I will do a TBR before that ReadAThon before it starts. I am predicting before searching that most of these will be Halloween themed. This ReadAThon occurs … Continue reading Read-A-Thon Guide – October 2017