Biannual Bibliothon Day 6 – Summer Vacation

Again do they realise it isn't Summer everywhere?! This challenge is to choose someone that you would love to go on vacation with. So pretty simple. This one was created by Obsess With Amanda This was a difficult one but I think I would choose Bear from The Medoran Chronicles by Lynette Noni. Bear is … Continue reading Biannual Bibliothon Day 6 – Summer Vacation

Biannual Bibliothon Day 1 – Favourite Vacation Spots

So it is Day 1 of Biannual Bibliothon and this year I have decided to participate in the blog & Instagram challenges! If you want to see my Instagram challenges then head over to @duskangelreads on Insta. This challenge was created by Evil Queen Books For this one, you have to talk about your top … Continue reading Biannual Bibliothon Day 1 – Favourite Vacation Spots

Updated Summer Biannual Bibliothon TBR

So I swapped some things around on my TBR since posting my initial TBR! So here is my updated TBR! Purchase any of the books mentioned from Book Depository! World Wide Free Shipping. FACEBOOK    /    TWITTER    /    PERSONAL TWITTER    /    PINTEREST    /    VERO: DUSK ANGEL READS    /  … Continue reading Updated Summer Biannual Bibliothon TBR

Biannual Bibliothon 2018 TBR

So it is time again for Biannual Bibliothon! This ReadAThon has reading challenges, Instagram challenges, blog challenges & video challenges! I will be doing the reading challenges, maybe the blog challenges & Instagram challenges! I was thinking of doing the video challenges but I simply don't have the time while participating in TBR Jar ReadAThon … Continue reading Biannual Bibliothon 2018 TBR