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Okay, so this is a Harry Potter themed ReadAThon that sounds like tonnes of fun! I will copy and paste the info I used on my Monthly ReadAThon Guide for how this ReadAThon works as it is unique! As this is a 4 week ReadAThon is does cross over with the two monthly ReadAThons I always participate in, Duodecathon & #AYearAThon.

Magical ReadAThon goes from 2nd till 29th. The #AYearAThon goes from 2nd to 8th & Duodecathon is from 8th to 14th. I will post separate TBRs for each so it doesn’t get confusing in one post.

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Copied from my April ReadAThon Guide

This is a 4 week long ReadAThon that is based on Harry Potter and when I discovered this I was like yes bitch I’m joining!! Anyway, this ReadAThon is based on the OWL (Ordinary Wizarding Level) exams at Hogwarts. So basically there are challenges for each of the 12 school subjects that Hogwarts students could take. So each challenge you complete is 1 OWL. You cannot double up challenges, so 1 book per challenge!  You complete challenges and strive for the highest overall OWL grade. Unlike the books you don’t get an OWL grade for each subject, you just get an OWL for each completed subject challenge and depending on how many OWLs you get overall a corresponding grade is awarded. You can see the grades below.


Fail Grades:
T = Troll: Did not show up at your OWL examinations (Didn’t start a challenge)
D = Dreadful: Start but not finished an OWL task
P = Poor: Sit only 1 OWL

Pass Grades:
A = Acceptable: Sit (and pass) at least 2 OWLs (complete 2 challenges)
E = Exceeds Expectations: Sit (and pass) at least 3 OWLs (complete 3 challenges)
O = Outstanding: Sit (and pass) at least 5 OWLs (complete 5 challenges)

Subjects & Challenges:

Ancient Runes – A book with a symbol on the cover
Arithmancy – Read a book with a number on the cover or in the title
Astronomy – Read a Sci-Fi Book
Care of Magical Creatures – Read a book that includes Magical Creatures OR Features a Magical Creature on the Cover
Charms – Read a Fantasy Book
Defence Against the Dark Arts – Read a book about/featuring secret societies/clubs
Divination – Read a book featuring prophecies
Herbology – Read a book with a nature-related word in the title
History of Magic – Read a Historical Fiction
Muggle Studies – Read a muggle non-Fiction book
Potions – Read a book about/with Alchemy
Transfiguration – Read a book that deals with transfiguration / Shape Shifting or a similar theme OR Read a book with a cat on the cover

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Muggle Studies




Care of Magical Creatures






Defence Against the Dark Arts




Ancient Runes


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Well, that is all! Who else is participating?!



7 thoughts on “Magical ReadAThon TBR!

  1. This one looks like SO MUCH FUN. I’m going to check all the readathons going on next month later this day or this week but I’m pretty sure I’ll be joining in on this one. I can’t NOT join in; it simply looks too awesome, haha. 😛

    Have fun!

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      1. Good luck!
        It was difficult for me as I had to watch it with books that I own as I don’t have time to buy and get them here in time. Also mixing this TBR with the challenges for #AYearAThon & Duodecathon.
        Why do I make things so difficult for myself.

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      2. I only had to make sure some of the books fit my own ApTHRILL so I managed quite fine, haha. Also put some HP’s in there since I want to reread those at some point this year anyway.
        Got lucky with them though, they’re all books I already own so YAY.


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