The Dead of the Night by John Marsden – Spoiler Free Review

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Title: The Dead of the Night
John Marsden
Series: Tomorrow
YA Dystopian
Publication Date: Jan 5th, 2012
Pages: 271 (Paperback)
Publisher: Quercus
4 and a half stars

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Australia has been invaded and nothing is as it was. Six teenagers are living a nightmare in the sanctuary of a hidden valley where nothing and no-one is safe.


You can find my review for book 1, Tomorrow When the War Began, HERE!

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I still really enjoy the writing for this. The book is written from Ellie’s memory. So it’s a combination of what happened, her thoughts when it was happening and also her thoughts while writing it. Which is really different and interesting. The only thing I wish that was different, is I wish there was a map in the book as it’s hard to visualise the tower and where it is compared to Cobbler’s Bay and the other towns & Hell.

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I love how action packed these books are. As it’s from memory the boring, sitting around is just skipped over and they concentrate on either when they are planning or when they are actually doing something. So the plot is always really enjoyable and most of the time fast paced. It makes for really quick reading!

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I really enjoy all the characters. The only character I didn’t like in the first book was Kevin and he wasn’t in this one. So that was good. I really like Fi & Homer the most. They are all so different, personality wise.

The only character I kinda liked in the other group they run into is Olive. I liked that she was honest & didn’t just treat them like kids, like everyone else did from that group.

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I really like this book and this series so far! I’m so happy to have finally continued with this series after first reading it in about 2011 or 2012 for school! They are action packed and extreme books and also a little scary. This is the most realistic dystopian type book that I have ever read. It’s also really close to home as it’s based in NSW, Aus. It’s also 100% possible that something like this could happen so that just makes it a little scary. But they are still amazing books and I can’t wait to continue the series!

I have just ordered the next 2 books, but I can’t get the last 3 in the matching editions so I will have to wait until I can find the matching ones. And I don’t want to buy the eBooks as they are 10 each and the physical books are between $10-$12, so I don’t see the point in wasting my money.

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