September 2017 Wrap Up

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So, I’m a bit late as usually I have this post out on the 1st of the next month, but this time I’m a couple days late. But oh well! I also didn’t read as many books this month as the last couple months, but I still read 7 books and 2 Graphic Novels and I’m still happy with that.

You can find my spoiler free review of The Mime Order HERE!

I didn’t review Nimona but I really enjoyed it.

As for Paper Girls, I simply didn’t read enough of it to form an opinion. I read Paper Girls #1, not volume 1. So this was really short. The only reason I read it this way was to complete a challenge in a ReadAThon. I will be picking up the full Volume 1 of the Graphic Novel eventually and rereading this first part and continuing as I was interested enough to want to keep going.

You can find my spoiler free review of The School for Good and Evil HERE.

You can find my spoiler free review of Assassin’s Heart HERE.

You can find my spoiler free review of Thief’s Cunning HERE.


You can find my spoiler free review of The Last Namsara HERE.

You can find my spoiler free review of Eliza and Her Monsters HERE.


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40 thoughts on “September 2017 Wrap Up

  1. I’ve seen a couple of reviews for The School for Good and Evil lately and then I won a gift card on Instagram so.. I chose that book, haha! I’m curious to see what I’ll think of it myself! 😀
    Eliza and her Monsters are also on my TBR / Want to buy, but I have no clue when that’ll happen.

    My favorite read of the month was Warcross, without a doubt! Absolutely loved it!

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    1. I strongly didn’t like The School For Good and Evil. It’s just beyond childish to me and I couldn’t tolerate it. And the main reason I grabbed Eliza and Her Monsters because my names also Eliza haha. I’m glad I really enjoyed it.

      And I need to get my hands on Warcross! I’m so keen for it!

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      1. Hm; now I’m even more curious to find out how I’ll feel about it, haha. If the book’s good enough I’ll notice that I’m “older”, but still enjoy it – as I did with Percy Jackson. If not.. Well.. I’ll find out. :’)

        You really should!

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      2. That’s how I thought I would be. But I don’t even think I would have enjoyed that when I was younger. I did really enjoy Percy Jackson though, but did see that I probably would have enjoyed it a bit more when I was younger!

        And I will wait a while yet as my TBR pile is crazy right now and I’m also trying to concentrate on finishing Series I have already started for the rest of the year. And it doesn’t fall in that category haha.

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      3. Oh wow; that book suddenly has a whole lot of pressure on it, haha!
        I came to the same conclusion when I finished those series but am glad I read them anyway.

        Haha, I know the feeling. I’m glad I got through almost all my series during Sequel September. Now I can just pick things up as I go – apart from the eARC’s that I need to get through but I’m fine as long as I stay clear of requesting more on Netgalley. :’)
        Warcross is a fast read though! Finished in in barely two days!

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      4. I’ve only read The Lightning Thief. I haven’t been able to find matching editions, so I just haven’t bought them yet.

        That’s awesome and I’m the same! But I have nearly finished all the ARCs I have, I will be starting the 2nd last one tonight. So the only books I will be reading are sequels and BOTMs for the Facebook group I run and the couple other I’m in. My goal is to finish 7 series by the end of the year. I don’t know if I will get there though haha.

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      5. Haha, that’s funny! I bought the “last” four parts [like, The Lightning Thief was missing] in a secondhand bookstore and then went online in search of the first book so it matched. It took me a while, but I managed it! I was getting frustrated by it as well since I had four matching ones and was simply refusing to buy one that didn’t match. :’)

        I have four ARC’s that I have to read for NetGalley still; but there’s being published in January or after that, so I’m going easy on those right now. Especially since I haven’t been requesting much so I’m safe for now, haha.
        I have no clue how many series I’ve started / finished this year.. Maybe I should check my Goodreads and find out.. :’)

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      6. I know the feeling. I went to Big W a while ago and they had them on special for like $6 but they were the wrong editions and I was kinda dying. I nearly just bought all of them and then was going to sell or giveaway the other edition I had haha.

        You have plenty of time then. I have one that was released on the 1st or 3rd, I can’t remember, on October and then another that says on the physical ARC releases on the 1st of Nov but you can buy it from QBD & Book Depository already. So I’m going to read it now and get the review up as people can already buy it.

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      7. That’s even more frustrating! Depending on which version I liked more, I’d probably have bought of wouldn’t have bought them, haha.

        Oh I hate when that happens. I always feel like I have to hurry reading and it makes me enjoy the story less. Which is a huge disadvantage for everyone since that often shows in my review. I try not to do that, but it happened once before. :’)

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      8. I honestly don’t really love either of the editions that I see the most. Like they are okay. But they are nowhere near a favourite haha.

        And I don’t think it effects my reading or reviews as I do it often and then most of the time they are faves. I am picky with the books that I request on NetGalley so majority of the time they are books I love.

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      9. Have you checked if there are editions that you do love? That might convince you? If not, keep looking for the right sequels, haha.

        I’m also pretty picky, but sometimes I just don’t get what I was expecting, haha. I haven’t had huge disappointments yet, thank god. I hope it doesn’t happen either.

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      10. Nah none of them really appeal to me. I prefer more simple but stand out covers. And all the Percy Jackson covers I have seen are like over the top with details and they just aren’t for me.

        The only real disappointments I have had was Carve the Mark which I DNFd. I liked the idea but the book was super poorly written. And the other was Flame in the Mist which I did finish but I was disappointed with the magic system, the POV made it so I couldn’t connect or understand any of the characters as much as I would have liked.. But besides those two I have mostly enjoyed the books I have received through NetGalley.

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      11. Fair enough! We all have our own tastes after all. 🙂

        I have both books on my physical TBR, haha. Now I’m definitely curious how they’ll turn out once I get to read them. Flame in the Mist is one that I really want to read, though. I need to catch up on my FairyLoot-books.

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      12. I was so keen for both of those books but they were not for me. I think with Carve the Mark it’s a book that you either love or hate. But for me it was just so dull.
        And yeah I need to catch up on my The YA Chronicles Books.

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      13. That’s weird as. And I no longer get the box actually. Since they put the price up, the value of the box is just not worth it for the price I have to pay anymore. So I cancelled. I also canceled my OwlCrate but that’s just because the 2 I got there were about 4 items in both boxes that I didn’t like or had 0 use for. So it was just a waste of money really. If it was one or two a month then I wouldn’t mind, but there are more things I dislike than I like. So I have decided to cancel and if I see something in an unboxing then I will just order it myself.

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      14. Hm, I completely get that. Because I live in Belgium there aren’t many boxes that are worth buying. Shipping is just way too expensive and sometimes even higher than the price of the box itself.
        The only subscription I do have is FairyLoot and I haven’t regretted that even once yet. Always love the items that are in it and the announcements for the upcoming two boxes sound really promising as well. As long as they stick to what they’ve been doing these last few months, I probably won’t cancel any time soon.

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      15. That’s how I was with The YA Chronicles, it’s based in Aus so it has good shipping price, but then they added $10 to the price of the box and it was just no longer worth it.
        And Fairyloot is one of those that I would love to get as the items always look awesome but with the box and shipping it was about $75 AUD a month and that is just crazy!

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      16. Such a shame when that happens! As if it isn’t expensive enough for a lot of people..
        And that’s indeed crazy! Reversed to € I pay about 42€ a box, but since there’s a hardcover in it and the goodies are totally amazing [almost every single one of them], I think it’s well worth it. Don’t know what I’d do if they’d up their price though..


      17. I know right! Not all of us can afford that a month! That $75 is literally nearly the same price as my car insurance… So it feel so damn crazy!
        And yeah I totally get that. But I just can’t afford to fork out hat amount of money a month. 😫

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      18. If you think about it that way, it’s definitely a ridiculous amount! :’)
        I’ll be happy once my car’s been paid off. At least I’ll have some extra freedom when it comes to buying books. I’ve been lucky so far since I always got most my books as gifts and such, but it would be fun to be able to actually go bookshopping and not having to think about all the other expenses.. :’)

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      19. Oh, you have some way to go then, haha! I think my last payment is supposed to be in July next year, so it’s getting close!

        Same.. I just want to grab what I want to have and go “here’s my money” and run off without having to think twice.. Not all the time, but once in a while would be awesome already. :’)


      20. That is super close! Mines on a 5 year plan, but ones I sell my old car I’m going to put all that money in. So that will bring it down a bit.

        Yes! Even if it was just with books, I don’t care about everything else. Okay, maybe with food that would be fabulous too. But with other things it doesn’t matter haha.

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      21. I had a three year plan but I was still living at home back then so it seemed manageable. It still is, sort of, but since I moved in with my boyfriend I do notice that I can’t throw my money around the way I was able to at first. :’)

        Sometimes clothes as well, but for the simple fact that my brain always says “darn, one pants is like.. three books..” :’D

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      22. Yeah I totally get that. I have just started a new job and I’m not getting as many hours as I used to at my old job. But hopefully very soon I will be able to open my at home salon. Slowly organising everything.

        Haha this is why I shop at Kmart. The shorts I wear to work everyday costs like $15 and the jeggings that I have 5 pairs of and literally wear everyday when it’s colder are like $10. It’s fabulous.

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      23. Aw, that sucks! You’ll get there eventually. “All good things take time”, haha.

        My biggest problem is that I have a part “work clothes” and a part “home clothes”. Sometimes I switch things up, but I try not to go to work wearing band shirts and the likes. That’s the main reason of my clothes-problem, haha.

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      24. I know haha.

        And I wear basically the same things to work as around town. I wear the same shorts or jeggings depending on the weather. And then I just wear basically any t-shirt to work. Mostly my Lights on the Hill shirt but if it’s in the wash then just one of the tshirts I got from Target a couple weeks back, which are actually men’s but the material is so soft! They are those fake kinda vintage look tees, ones for Motorbike parts and the other is car parts haha. My main issue is shoes. I have to wear shoes with proper support due to having high arches and they are expensive. 😫😫😫

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      25. I really have to invest in more “normal” clothes and maybe stop buying band shirts, ugh. :’) Someday.. When I decide to actually grow up.. Maybe.. Maybe not. :’)
        Oh that sucks! My boyfriend also has a thing with his feet. He can only wear shoes of which the laces go far enough to the front and are also high enough, as in past his ankles. I don’t really know how to properly explain it. :’) Let’s just say that we often do fifteen stores to find him shoes and only find ugly-ass things that we wouldn’t want to be seen dead in.. >< I've started hating shoe-shopping when it comes to him. :')

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      26. Haha they are normal clothes to me. I like in jeans and tees, but most of my tees are Harry Potter, band/festival, Fckh8 or event related as everything I go to I either have to buy a hoodie or a shirt. I do have some nicer clothes too without logos and writing on them for when I go to the Pub on a Friday night.

        Yeah shoe shopping is so difficult. Especially because I live in the middle of nowhere and have to order basically everything online as we don’t go away too often. And shoe shopping online is Hell!

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      27. They’re my “normal” clothes as well; but it isn’t really “accepted” [they don’t make a problem of it, but the stares get on my nerves] at work. I simply do an administrative job, no customers; but still. Ugh.

        Oh god, ew. I’ve never bought shoes online and wouldn’t ever do it either. Just thinking about the hassle of having to send things back because they don’t fit.. Noooo thanks :/ Must be a nuisance to live in the middle of nowhere when it comes to that :/

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      28. I work and a pool and no one gives a damn at all. I mostly get the stares because of my colourful hair. Kids love it haha. I had some little girl grab my hair when her Mum was holding her, standing in the line behind me at a grocery store. I also had a drunk guy put it in his mouth because his made said it looked like fairy floss and he though that he said it tastes like fairy floss 😑 gotta love it. 😂

        100% horrible! The worst part is when you buy 2 pairs of shoes, both the same size, both the same brand (Nike) & 1 fits and the other doesn’t! Why in the hell would they be different sizing if it’s the same damn company. 😑😑😑😑

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      29. If it had been some random guy down the street or something then I probably would have punched them. But I have met him a few times at the pub and he was drunk as so I just laughed.

        I know right! Like I wouldn’t of minded if they were a half size off, because they were made out of slightly different material and that would make sense as one was a bit more stretchy than the other but I had to go up 1 & a half sizes!

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      30. I haven’t seen him since. He doesn’t live here. He just comes out occasionally

        And I know right. Everything should be made with the same measurements! Like I went into Big W the other day and they have a small line of Loony Tunes clothes and I liked the denim sleveless vest thing they had with Bugs Bunny & someone else on it. And I went to try on what size I usually get which is XL. I can fit L, but I hate tight clothing except skinny jeans. So I go for XL & I tried it on and it would fit in the slightest. Like no where near would fit me. So I grabbed the biggest one there which was a XXXL and it didn’t even fit! Like that’s not a little bit off! That’s a lot off to normal sizing! What the hell. 😑😑😑

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      31. What the actual… Nope, that doesn’t make sense at all! You’d honestly think there’d be some type of guidelines or something when it comes to clothing and its sizes..
        I had the same thing two months ago when I bought a shirt on a festival. I just went with M, as usual. Didn’t try it on because, it’s a festival shirt? Like, what could be possibly wrong with it? When I got home, I tried it on and it was seriously huge. I pulled out one of my old shirts – same festival, XXL – and it was practically the same size? Just.. How?!


      32. I know it’s crazy! Especially at Festivals and events and stuff I always go bigger as most often they are smaller. And especially because you can’t try them on at those events!

        It’s so frustrating. Like I get that the sizes are different between countries, but all the stuff sold in the one country should be the same.

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