Thief’s Cunning by Sarah Ahiers – Spoiler Free Review

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Title: Thief’s Cunning
Sarah Ahiers
Series Name: Assassin’s Heart
Genre: YA Fantasy
Publication Date: June 13th, 2017
Pages: 416 (eBook)
Publisher: HarlequinTeen
4 stars

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Allegra has always had to look over her shoulder. As the niece of the infamous assassin Lea Saldana, Allegra is used to hiding from people who want her dead. Once the strongest clipper family in the Kingdom of Lovero, the Saldanas—or what’s left of them—are now the most hunted. Their number one enemy is the Da Vias, whose thirst for retaliation is almost two decades in the making.

But lately Allegra’s getting fed up with everything being kept from her—including her parents’ identity. When she finally learns the truth about her family, though—that she’s a Da Via—her world crumbles. Feeling betrayed by the people she trusted the most, Allegra turns to Nev, a Traveler boy whose presence makes her feel alive in ways she’s only dreamed of.  But getting caught up in Nev’s world has consequences Allegra never saw coming.


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I really enjoy the covers of these books. They are simple but represent the book really well! In the first one we just had the Saldana coin and the city below (I’m not sure if it’s Yvain or Lovero) and this on we have the Singura and the city Mornian (I think) at the bottom. They are eye-catching and gorgeous!

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My opinion is the same for this book as it is for Assassin’s Heart. The world building is amazing and continues in this book. I loved learning more about the other gods and other cultures in this book. The book flows really well and is very descriptive! My only small issue is I still have no idea how to pronounce the MCs name, Allegra. I am pretty sure I pronounced it differently every time it came up in the book! It’s such an uncommon name, as are many of them, but most of the other characters had easy nicknames so it was okay that I didn’t know how to pronounce Les’s full name (I don’t know how to spell it and I’m not hunting through the last two books to find it as it’s only mentioned a couple times).

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I didn’t enjoy the plot of Thief’s Cunning as much as I did Assassin’s Heart. It was still good and I enjoyed it but the first book was better in my opinion. This book was filled with a few plot twists of sorts and that was enjoyable as I didn’t see them coming.

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So, I didn’t love the MC for this one. Allegra was annoying at times and complained and whined so much. She also repeated the same thing over and over again. It also annoyed me that when she found out a certain truth that she didn’t go straight to Lea and ask for her side of the story and the truth from her. She didn’t even try and give her a chance and that annoyed me considering everything that Lea and Les had done for her. It also annoyed me that she wouldn’t listen to Lea about the truth when Lea tried to explain herself, but she listened to Les.

*Side note – I hate that it’s ‘Lea’ & ‘Les’ because if you aren’t concentrating on every single word or just reading quickly than those two names look the same and you don’t read it properly and then get confused*

I still love Lea & Les in this book. Les is so caring, awesome and calm. I wish we saw a bit more of his Clipper side as that was what he wanted the most in Assassin’s Heart. Lea is still a badass and she will always do anything for the people she loves.

Nev was a character that you are suspicious of and your thoughts go back and forth about whether he is actually a good guy or a bad guy. I won’t say anything more about that because I’ll let you figure it out yourself if you decide to read this series!

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I really enjoyed this book, however, it was not as good as the first book in my opinion. I love this world and magic system. The MC was not my favourite for this book and I prefer the POV of Lea a lot more than Allegra. The writing is amazing and I can’t wait to see what comes next from Sarah Ahiers!

I was provided with an eGalley of this book in exchange for an honest review. Thank you to Harlequin Australia & NetGalley for this opportunity.

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