Lies Like Poison 📚 Mini Spoiler Free Review

Title: Lies Like PoisonAuthor: Chelsea PitcherGenre: YA MysteryPublication Date: Nov 10th, 2020Pages: 204Publishers: Margaret K. McElderry Books I've been on a Mystery Thriller kick and I wanted to give another book by Chelsea Pitcher a go. This one however didn't live up to expectations. Lies Like Poison felt very disjointed to me. The story was all over the place and the … Continue reading Lies Like Poison 📚 Mini Spoiler Free Review

The Last Legacy 📚 Spoiler Free Review

Firstly, who was going to tell me that this wasn't book 3 to Fable and it actually a companion following a completely new character because that threw me off completely! I had no idea this wasn't a sequel and I was a little disappointed to find out that we wouldn't be following Fable or any of the characters we really knew already. That was my fault though, so let's jump into the actual review of what I thought of this one.