July 2017 Wrap Up

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Holy crap I read so much this month! I have been having some great reading month in the last couple months and this month was even better thanks to BookTubeAThon & Summer Biannual Bibliothon on top of the monthly ReadAThon I participate in, duodecathon!

I want to do something a little different on my wrap ups from now on! I am going to give a little bit of a mini review for all of the books that I read! I have a lot of books to talk about so I’m going to jump straight in!

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This is a new favourite series for me! I absolutely loved reading this series! It is an amazing fantasy world, with awesome characters and amazing friendships! I highly recommend this series to fantasy lovers!

Akarnae Spoiler Free Review

Raelia Spoiler Free Review

Draekora Spoiler Free Review

So, firstly I ABSOLUTELY LOVED Daughter of the Burning City! This world is so crazy and unique! You get dragged into this world and you can’t get out. Also, there are so many twists in the book that was so unexpected! I also really enjoy that this is a standalone fantasy which is really rare!
Cinder was a good read. I really enjoyed the world building in this book. This book is fairly action packed and I felt like there was always something going on! Cinder as a character was a little annoying at times but overall enjoyable. Kai annoyed me, if you want to know why then head to my review as I’m not going into it again. I did find this book a little predictable but overall enjoyable.
Since You’ve Been Gone was a really easy and fun read. I love that in all the Morgan Matson books I have read there is extra things added to the book, like in this one there were the list and also playlists! I really enjoyed most of the characters including Emily, Frank, Collins & Dawn!

Daughter of the Burning City Spoiler Free Review

Cinder Spoiler Free Review

Since You’ve Been Gone Spoiler Free Review

So The Ocean at the End of the Lane was kinda meh for me. The swapping back and forward from the past to present was a tad confusing. I felt like at the end of this book I was still just as confused as when reading it, nothing was rounded off and explained. The characters were very mysterious and so was the world.
So I’m not going to say much about The Hobbit, like it’s The Hobbit! It’s bloody amazing! I also didn’t review this book as I couldn’t see the point.
The Life Siphon I enjoyed but I had a few issues with. First, it was a little predictable at times. Also, there were a fair few words that I had no idea how to pronounce in this book and it was a little confusing. The world building was alright but I needed more of it! I did enjoy the POV as it is kinda rare to read YA fantasy books from a male POV! I really enjoyed Tatsu’s character!

The Ocean at the End of the Lane Spoiler Free Review

The Life Siphon Spoiler Free Review

Finding Wonders was an amazing book! This is 3 short stories and they are non-fiction! This was also written in verse which I really enjoyed! I really enjoyed learning about these young girls from the 1800s that changed science! It was such an awesome, easy, fun and educational read!
Okay, so I didn’t review The Great Gatsby as I was just kinda confused. And I still don’t really know what to say about this book. It was okay, I didn’t love it and I was a little confused as to the point of this book.
Furthermore was such a fun and easy read! I really enjoyed the world building in this book, it’s such an interesting world and it was so fun learning about it. I do think the ending was really quick and kinda felt like it was just thrown together real quick and was kinda forced.

Finding Wonders Mini Spoiler Free Review

Furthermore Spoiler Free Review

I really enjoyed The Bone Season. The first couple chapters were a little confusing before everything was starting to be explained. It does have a glossary in the back though which is handy if you know it’s there! This book was pretty action packed and the pacing was really good. The world is also really interesting and all the abilities are really unique.
Another one that I don’t think I need to talk about as everyone loves this book. But I do want to say that I didn’t feel like the characters acted their age. Both Percy & Annabeth are meant to be 12 years old but acted and spoke like they were a lot older!
So The Wicked + The Divine was my second ever graphic novel and I’m really enjoying it! The art work is gorgeous! It was a little hard to understand right at the start but once I got into it I was really enjoying it. The only thing I don’t like it this is only volume 1 and it’s short so there wasn’t a tonne that went on because the book isn’t that big. But I have ordered the next 3 volumes! I wish there was an option to buy the full set in one because it would make life a lot easier haha. But that’s just a personal thing that I think will annoy me about graphic novels that are on the shorter size per volume.

The Bone Season Spoiler Free Review

The Lightning Thief Mini Spoiler Free Review

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This was a reread for me so I’m not going to go into detail but I absolutely love this series! However, I will talk about the audiobook itself a little as a lot of people have asked me. The narrator’s voice takes a little to get used to. He really can’t do female voices, but you get used to it. His voice for Kavinsky was absolutely hilarious and I laughed at so much that he said that I didn’t think was funny in the actual book! Do not have your headphones in and turned right up during Blue Lily,  Lily Blue & The Raven King because when a certain character starts singing you will regret it!! But I do recommend the audiobook once you get used to it!

More Happy Than Not was a kinda meh book for me. The audiobook itself I didn’t love. For one the narrator sounded like he was saying Erin instead of Aaron, so the entire time I thought the MCs name is Erin! Also, his voice for Aaron and his voice for Thomas sounded exactly the same and it was confusing when they had a direct conversation! Now as for the actual book, I strongly disliked that there was cheating in this book and everyone acted like it was fine and not a big deal.. I also hated how Aaron acted towards Thomas and was convinced he was lying to himself and wouldn’t take Thomas’s word for it! That absolutely drove me insane. I did really enjoy Thomas though!
Half Bad was an interesting book and I really enjoyed the audiobook. I just felt like the accent of the narrator just felt right for the book and the story! I didn’t love at the start when it kinda went from the present to the past and back to the present. It was kinda confusing until I figured out what was going on. But besides that, I really enjoyed the book. I loved the theme of the ‘good guys’ aren’t always good. I liked Nathan’s character a lot too.

More Happy Than Not Audiobook Spoiler Free Review

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I have since finished this and you can find my spoiler free review HERE!

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I have also finished The Raven King today too (1st August).


Okay, so that is all I think!

Have you read any of these?! What did you think? Please warn of spoilers so you don’t spoil other commenters! Also, what did you read in July?!

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16 thoughts on “July 2017 Wrap Up

    1. Thanks! I’m so happy with how much I read!
      I really wish there was a sequel to Furthermore. So that we could have more to it because I did feel like that ending was really rushed. I would have liked it more spread out. 😊
      And you too! 😁


  1. Wow, I wish I could read as fast as you, haha. I’ve been hearing great things about Daughter Of The Burning City and I’m glad you enjoyed it! Hope you’re liking Roar too, I’m looking forward to reading that one.

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    1. I never used to be able to read this much but I’m really glad I can now.
      I have finished Roar now and there is a spoiler free review up on my blog if you were interested. 😊 Hope you enjoy it a bit more than I did!
      Daughter of the Burnin City is so damn good. 😁

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  2. OMG I can’t even imagine how you’ve managed to read all these books and review them! Amazing job for July! I haven’t heard of that trilogy but I’ll check it out now! I need to read almost all the other books you’ve listed in this post! I’ve never even tried listening to audiobooks! Is it easier to finish books like that? Oooh you’ve also read Percy Jackson and the Olympians! Love that series beyond words 😍!

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    1. Thanks! I don’t know how I did it either. The Medoran Chronicles is actually four books by Graevale doesn’t come out till next year. 😊
      I love audiobooks but you have to find ones that you enjoy the narrators voice because otherwise it can be horrible. Thank god that you can sample all Audiobooks before committing. And I wouldn’t say it’s easier, I just like the experience and it is handy when you have stuff to do but can still concentrate on the audiobook. If you’re a Harry Potter fan then definitely check out the audiobooks. They are so good. And also the Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them (textbook not screen play) is absolutely amazing! It’s got tonnes of sound effects for all the animals!

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      1. Ohhh okay. It sounds cool from the synopsis though!
        Yeah true… I’d hate to be stuck listening to a whole book with a voice I can’t take seriously or dislike. I feel like I just can’t concentrate wholeheartedly on a book while doing something else. I love Harry Potter! I’ll definitely check them out then! Just to experience audiobooks. OMG that sounds AMAZING 😃. I’m really curious now!


      2. I tried to listen to the audiobook of Game of Thrones and I literally wanted to chuck my phone across to room from that guys fake as hell accents!
        And that’s why Harry Potter is good to give audiobooks a go because I know it so well that if I miss a little I still know exactly where I’m up to! 😂

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      3. Ugh ewww. That sounds like a horrible experience. So sorry you had to go through with that! Yeah I’ll look for the audiobook of the 4th one which I’m currently retracing slowly.

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