Raelia by Lynette Noni – Spoiler Free Review

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Title: Raelia
Lynette Noni
Series Name: The Medoran Chronicles
Genre: YA Fantasy
Publication Date: April 1st, 2016
Pages: 454 (paperback)
Publishers: Pantera Press
4 and a half Star

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“Life is full of crossroads, Alex. Full of choices.”

Returning for a second year at Akarnae Academy with her gifted friends, Alexandra Jennings steps back through a doorway into Medora, the fantasy world that is full of impossibilities.

Despite the magical wonder of Medora, Alex’s life remains threatened by Aven Dalmarta, the banished prince from the Lost City of Meya who is out for her blood.

To protect the Medorans from Aven’s quest to reclaim his birthright, Alex and her friends seek out the Meyarin city and what remains of its ancient race.

Not sure who—or perhaps what—she is anymore, all Alex knows is that if she fails to keep Aven from reaching Meya, the lives of countless Medorans will be in danger. Can she protect them, or will all be lost?


You can find my review for Akarnae HERE!

I can’t guarantee there won’t be slight spoilers for Akarane in this review.

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This series has gorgeous book covers! I just received my paperback copy of Akarnae and it is so gorgeous! Even the spine is beautiful and I cant wait to get the whole series on my shelf as hopefully the other books have just as gorgeous spines! If you want to see what it looks like checkout my Insta Story as I just opened the package on there (along with some magnetic bookmarks from Read & Wonder)!!

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I love how at the end of these books majority of things have been explained. It honestly really annoys me when you get to the end of the book and you are just straight up confused and then have to wait a year for the next book. That is one thing I’m really enjoying, everything is just so well wrapped up at the end of the book.

I also really enjoy the lack of romance in these books, I’ve explained this MANY times but I strongly dislike books that the romance overtakes the plot. So far the first two books have only had a hint at a romance! Which I am strongly enjoying!

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The plot of this book was a tad more action packed than book one. In the first book there was tonnes of world building and getting to know the characters whereas in this book there was more action going on. The plot of this book was fairly intense and alot went on throughout it.

I also loved that there was a reference to Harry Potter in this book and I literally laughed out loud when I read it, it was just so good and unexpected!

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I won’t say too much about the characters as I don’t want to give anything away, but we do meet a few new characters in this book that I really enjoyed including Zain, Kyia & Roka.
I still feel the same about Alex, Jordan & Bear as I did in my first review. They are all very enjoyable characters and I loved the development of Jordan & Alex’s friendship grew even stronger in this book. So did Alex & Bears and I really enjoy how most of the time they think the same thing and only have to give eachother a lot to know that the other is thinking the same thing. I also really enjoy D.C.s character and her connection that has grown with Alex, Bear & Jordan.
I also really enjoy Darrius, Fletcher, Kaiden, Declan & Hunter and I hope to see more of them in the next book! Especially Kaiden and I’m interested to see what happens next and whether Kaiden will be more involved in the next book and whether Alex will eventually trust him.
Kaiden is probably one of my favourite characters besides Alex, along with Bear. I also like Jordan, but I think I like Bear a bit more.

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Overall I’m really enjoying this series and it’s becoming one of my favourites! Can’t wait to start Draekora tonight and find out what happens next! More people need to read this series!

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