Prodigy Prince by Natasha Sapienza – Spoiler Free Review

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Title: Prodigy Prince
Natasha Sapienza
Series Name: The Seven Covenant Trilogy
Genre: YA Fantasy
Publication Date: Sept 19th, 2017
Pages: 345 (eBook)
Publishers: Unknown
4 star

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At seventeen, all Prince Nuelle had ever known was safety and peace while living in the Supreme Palace of Zephoris.

But one night, his older brother, Tane, defies their father by traveling to a cursed land. Now Nuelle holds the signet-ring and carries more responsibility than even Tane bore. Thrust from the palace and sent to a knight-building academy, Nuelle must discover his purpose for the entire kingdom’s sake.

From his place of banishment, Prince Antikai has been exacting revenge through fear and rebellions. Nuelle has the potential to defeat him, but he needs the help of a powerful book and six gifted youths.

Summoned by Antikai, shape-shifting beasts and other enemies hunt Nuelle and the Acumen. If either is destroyed, the faithful citizens in Zephoris will perish, and darkness will rule forever.


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I actually really like this cover art even though it has people on it, which I usually don’t like. But the people don’t take up the whole cover and it also the eye-catching image in the middle along with the Academy (I’m assuming) at the top. Also the monsters behind Nuelle & Elisena are a cool extra touch.

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The writing was alright. It was always easy to understand. Some of the monsters and such could have used a little more description but that’s nothing to really complain about. Also, some of the characters could have used a bit more developing. They felt a little 2 dimensional and I wish I knew them a bit better but all we know is the basics. The book flowed really well too.

I liked how unique the powers are. Like there were basic ones like healing & wind but most of them were really unique!!

Also, no romance. YAY!!!! There is one slight romance but it’s not dragged out or talked about much, it’s just kinda there.

I do wish there was a map! But I want all fantasy books to have a map!

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To be completely honest main kind of plot has been done before. The chosen one type story, it’s been done obviously but I did enjoy this version of it. I don’t have an issue with repeating the main plotline as long as there is something interesting to drag me in and this book had that with the other aspects of this book.

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Nuelle was an interesting character. There aren’t as many male MCs in YA Fantasy as females so I enjoyed that this was from a male POV. Nuelle was strong and caring and a really good character.

As I said in the ‘writing’ section the characters could have been developed a bit more. Because of that I don’t really have fully developed feelings about all of them, so some of them my view will be like ‘I like them’ as I need more from them!

I enjoyed Ave, he was loyal to Nuelle and the others. Elisena could have used a bit more development, I enjoyed her but she felt a little closed off. Her brother Javin I just don’t like, I don’t feel like I know anything about him and he just kinda popped up. I don’t think he is loyal to anyone but his sister and the whole book I waited for him to slip up. Sophana I simply didn’t like. She acted stuck up and better than others and that is the type of person in real life that I hate. Also did not like that romance, it was insta lovey and not developed well. Surta, also wasn’t well developed but I enjoyed her alright. Riff was just kinda there. He came in when they needed someone with brute force but it didn’t feel like he had any other purpose. He came off as the dum tough one which I didn’t enjoy (Like Crabbe and Goyle but less evil).

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Overall I enjoyed the plot of the book. My favourite thing was definitely the powers of the characters. The characters need more development as I haven’t been able to connect with any of them as I just feel like I barely know them. The book was always action packed and that meant there was barely any slower times that allow us to get to know the characters and the world. I love action, but there needs to be a balance. That’s the reason I gave the book 4 stars! I really hope that book 2, Promised Princess, will be better with the characters as the world is really interesting and I want to continue the series.

Thank you so much to Natasha for reaching out to me! I recieved an eBook for free in exchange for an honest review.

At no point is my opinion swayed due to receiving a book for free. No fake bitches here!

You can purchase this book for yourself!




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