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Okay, so I am utterly fucking crazy! This will be ReadAThon number 4 in November. You can find my #HouseCupReadingChallenge TBR HERE & Read-A-Thin HERE if you wanted to know about those. My TBR for Duodecathon will be up closer to the dates of it.

Okay, so as this was a late announcement and it didn’t make it onto my November Reading Guide till about half an hour ago I am going to put all the info below. I’ll just copy and paste it straight from my guide! If you already know then just skip the the ‘My TBR’ header.

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Okay, so this is a really fun looking ReadAThon and I’m thinking about adding it into my crazy November!!

This ReadAThon starts at midnight on the 5th of November & ends at 11:59 on the 11th of November. There is alsoa Pirates of the Caribbean WatchALong happening from the 12th to the 18th.

You can watch Ali’s video HERE for a whole in depth desrciption of the ReadAThon along with an example TBR but I am going to try and explain it!

Firstly, the map!

*This was taken from the link in Ali’s video.*


Okay, so how this map works is firstly you pick a number between 1 & 5. Once you pick your starting point you follow the corresponding coloured line to the next challenge. Most of them have more than one option you can choose from. Then when you get to your first stop you then follow that number or letter’s correspoding coloured line to the next challenge until you get to the treasure chest. All of the tracks you take will have 4 challenges but if you finish those 4 in the week you are welcome to continue onto any of the other challenges you wish.
So, here is an example of how to navigate the map. I am going to start at 1, from there I will follow the dark purple line to 6, from there I will follow the orange line to A and then from A I will follow the dark blue line to 9 and then to the treasure! Hopefully that makes sense.

When you complete the 4 challenges you can enter your email in the link on Ali’s video to get some free printables from Ali!

Okay, next is the Pirates of the Caribbean WatchALong. Here is a calendar that can be downloaded from the link in Ali’s video. It has the dates on the sides for each of the movie WatchALongs. However follow Ali on Twitter as she will be announcing closer to the date the times that they will be watching each movie.

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And finally she is holding a giveaway! All you have to do is post your TBR to either YouTube, Blog or Tumblr and leave the link in the comments of Ali’s video. Also make sure you leave a way for Ali to contact you in your TBR post.

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So the path I am following is:

5 > 8 > A > 9

5: Open Waters – Blue on the cover


8: Tell it to the parrot – Over hyped book

warcross_030717 (1)

A: Marooned – A standalone

51wXIxEhA3L._SX326_BO1,204,203,200_ (1)

9: Clear the deck – From your owned TBR


I own both a physical copy and the audiobook of this but I will be listening to the audiobook for the challenge.

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7: Crow’s Nest – New release you’ve had your eye on


Well that is all for my TBR! And as for the giveaway part, on the off chance I win, you can contact me on Twitter or Instagram @duskangelreads



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