This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab – Spoiler Free Review

Title: This Savage Song
Victoria Schwab
Series Name: Monsters of Verity
Genre: YA Paranormal Fantasy
Publication Date: July 5th, 2016
Pages: 427 (Hardcover)
Publishers: Greenwillow Books

Blog TitlesThere’s no such thing as safe in a city at war, a city overrun with monsters. In this dark urban fantasy from author Victoria Schwaba young woman and a young man must choose whether to become heroes or villains—and friends or enemies—with the future of their home at stake. The first of two books.

Kate Harker and August Flynn are the heirs to a divided city—a city where the violence has begun to breed actual monsters. All Kate wants is to be as ruthless as her father, who lets the monsters roam free and makes the humans pay for his protection. All August wants is to be human, as good-hearted as his own father, to play a bigger role in protecting the innocent—but he’s one of the monsters. One who can steal a soul with a simple strain of music. When the chance arises to keep an eye on Kate, who’s just been kicked out of her sixth boarding school and returned home, August jumps at it. But Kate discovers August’s secret, and after a failed assassination attempt the pair must flee for their lives.

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Blog Titles (1)I love how simple this cover looks from afar but how detailed it is close up! From a distant it simply looks like a read violin on a black background which represents the book perfectly! But then when you look closer you find that there is a broken city street shown in the violin shape. I think this cover fits the book amazingly! 

Blog Titles (2)After reading Victoria Scwabs short story in Because You Love To Hate Me I was excited to get to another of her books as the writing was amazing! And I was not disappointed!

The writing drags you in and doesn’t let you go! The pacing and flow was amazing. It was slower when it needed to be but was mostly fairly fast paced. The book flowed well and I didn’t have any issues with understand this book. The world was described beautifully and I didn’t finish the book with a hundred questions like some fantasy novels do. Everything was rounded off well and honestly I think this book could be read as a standalone. Even though we finish on a turn where our characters are about to face something completely new, it was still rounded of so well that you felt like it could just be left there and still be a perfect story. 

I also loved that there was no romance! I genuinely felt like a true friendship was being built in this book and I absolutely loved it! I seriously hope that the friendship continues in the next book and doesn’t turn to a romance (that is if both of our characters are together and in the next book 😝). 

My only complaint is I wish we had a map of Verity in the book! It would have been awesome to see where everything was located and also the areas considered Red, Yellow and Green! 

Blog Titles (3)I thoroughly enjoyed the plot in this book. It was action packed but not insanely so where it just feels unrealistic. Again everything was explained and summed up amazingly at the end, so the plot didn’t have any holes or spots that were confusing.  

Blog Titles (4)Firstly I loved the friendship in this book! Even though they had basically nothing in common, there is certain things that you go through with a person and can’t help but become friends and that’s exactly how this book felt! 

Kate I kinda disliked in the beginning. But e ven if how she did it in the beginning was a bit questionable, all she wanted was for her dad to actually respect and feel proud of her. I grew to like her though and found her really enjoyable. She was kind and caring, but also wouldn’t let people get away with doing something horrible, which I respect. Overall a pretty badass female character. 

August was an awesome character. He knew what he was excepted to be by Leo was wrong and never stopped fighting that. Yet he still made sacrifices that would benefit more people in the long run. He was also a caring and loving character and if someone he cared about was in trouble he would try everything he could! Except for with Isla because she is too stubborn to let others help here haha. 

From the start I didn’t like Leo. Even though I understood his general idea of people who have done wrong should suffer I still think he goes about it the complete wrong way. There is one thing to do the service to save others from these people, but to enjoy doing it was just a bit off for me. 

Sloan I also couldn’t stand but at first it was just because he was creepy and just felt odd but then towards the end my dislike for him definitely escalates! 

There are other side characters, but most of them we don’t see enough for me to full form thorough opinions of them. But I like Isla, and I hope we find out more about her in the next book! And Harker is a cruel bastard. 

Blog Titles (5)Overall I really enjoyed this book! The writing is amazing and you just don’t want to put the book down! The characters are very well done! Even if some of them I wanted to kill myself. I loved the friendship between our two main characters, it’s so refreshing and nice finding a book that actually has no romance with the MC! The world is also pretty unique and interesting! I can’t wait to get my hands on Book 2 towards the end of the year. 


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  1. I’m so glad you loved This Savage Song! I LOVED IT! I actually liked Kate from the start, I don’t know why, because she’s a very questionable character haha
    The writing style was so good and I loved the friendship! I cannot wait to read Our Dark Duet!

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