Read-A-Thon Guide – June (Sorry I’m late!)

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I know I am a little late as it’s already half way through June, but this is my guide for the Read-A-Thons happening for the rest of June.

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So there isn’t a tonne of info about this ReadAThon except a little bit on the creators Goodreads page. But what I can gather is every month the creator releases 3 challenges and you can either pick one or do all 3! The main challenge though is that you have to only use book you already own! You can’t buy a book that fits the challenges you have to find a book you already own to complete 1 or more challenges!

This challenge also goes all month! So you can still jump in and complete a challenge for this ReadAThon if you wanted!

HERE is their Twitter Page.

Junes challenges:

1. TV Adaptions
2. Paranormal
3. Based on a video game or has characters who play video games

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This ReadAThon also is every month. This one has 12 options for challenges that you can pick from and the idea of this is that you participate every month and by the end of the year you will have done them all. As I have already missed Jan, Feb, March and April I will not get all the challenges done, but I hope to participate every month from now on!

You can find info and join the Goodreads group HERE.


June 24 -30
July 19-25
August 1-7 or 11-17 (it has two dates on the goodreads pages, so I’m not sure atm)
September 18-24
October 7-13
November 22-28
December 25-31


Read 1,200 pages
Start OR finish a series
A 2017 debut author
A short story
A Graphic Novel
A Non-Fiction book
A Book that has been on your TBR for 2+ years
A book with multiple authors
A book you picked up because of the cover
A book that has to do with travelling
Someone else’s favourite book
The first book on your shelf you have read

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This ReadAThon runs from the 19th to 25th of June and this is the 2nd time this ReadAThon has happened. So this ReadAThon each month there is a letter of the Alphabet that you have to choose your books around, so the books have to either start with that letter, the author’s first name starts with that letter, the author’s last name starts with that letter or a combination of all 3.

This month is B.

I would say they are going in alphabetical order. This ReadAThon has reading sprints on Twitter throughout and you can find their page HERE! There is also a giveaway if you post a photo of your TBR on either Twitter or Instagram or if you post a blog post and leave a link in the Info post on the creators blog! You can find that blog poster HERE that has all the info about the ReadAThon, sprints and the giveaway and how to enter!

So that is the 2 ReadAThons that are happening at the end of the month that I know of! If there are other please let me know and I will add them!

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