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As you can probably tell by the title I have decided to join the Magical ReadAThon! This round is like a lead up to the actual magical school based ReadAThon that begins in April 2022! Oh and it also replaces the previously Harry Potter themed version! This one is hosted by G from Book Roast & she has gone ABOVE & BEYOND designing this ReadAThon! The graphics are stunning & it is so well thought out! Definitely props to her! This does cross over with Bookopoly ReadAThon which commences 13th of September so it might be a bit of a challenge as I don’t know what type of books I’ll be reading for that one until it’s happening. Either way I’ll make it work!
Anyway let’s jump in!

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The Challenges!

You only have to complete 2 of the below challenges to prove yourself worth of the Orilium Academy, however I will be choose a book for each of the challenges. Whether I read them all will be a different question!

The Novice Path Entrance: Read a book with a map

I’m going to bite the bullet & just read this one! I’ve been putting it off as it’s just a big book. I am going to opt for the audiobook for this one though as that is how I read Six of Crows, Crooked Kingdoms & King of Scars. Also it’s good to have a bit of combo of audiobook, eBook & physical. So this is one of the 2 audiobooks I chose on my TBR! I am very keen to read this one but I’m also scared because it’s big & I also don’t remember a huge amount from book 1. So I know there will be some confusion to start off.

Ashthorn Tree: A book that keeps tempting you (or top of your TBR)

Six Crimson Cranes has be EYEING me since I received it in a recent fairyloot box! The Fairyloot edition is just stunning & it sounds amazing! So I’m super keen to pick this one up & starting reading! Honestly think this will be the first book I pick up in September. Fingers crossed it lives up to expectations. While I’ve seen tonnes of photos of it I haven’t actually read anyones thoughts on it. So I really don’t know what to expect!

The Mist of Solitude: Read a standalone

How many more times can I put The Black Kids on a TBR before I actually get my shit together & read it!? This one is on my 21 books to read in 2021 & I swear as soon as I put a book on that list my body rejects any urge to actually read it. That list is cursed. I swear. HOPEFULLY I will finally get to this one! Thought it might be a good idea to throw a contemporary in my TBR to break up all the fantasy! This one is meant to be hard hitting! It’s a historial fiction based around the Rodney King Riots in the 90s. Also it scares me that the 90s is being considered Historical… Am I getting old??

Ruin of the Skye: Read a book featuring ghosts/haunted house, or other supernatural elements

This has been on my TBR for what feels like sooo long. Even though it only came out in 2020. This is another one that I have had on a few TBRs. I remember when I first saw the cover I thought for sure it was a graphic novel! The cover art is stunning! Either way I am super keen to pick this one up. I struggled a little with this challenge as I don’t read a tonne of ghost or supernatural books but as soon as I scrolled through my saved Scribd list and found this I knew it was the one

Obsidian Falls: Read a thriller or a mystery book

Thought I better through an eBook in the mix! I find that I tend to read eBooks faster than I do physical books. Like my pages/hour read is a lot higher for whatever reason but also I can read any time I want because it’s in my hand & I tend to read a lot before I fall asleep. So very helpful for a ReadAThon. I received The Ghost Tracks as an eARC on NetGalley so I need to get to this one before October, so this is perfect!

Tower of Rumination: Read a five star prediction

This is yet another book on my 21 books to read in 2021 list (again my body us rejecting reading this for literally no reason)! This is the final book in a series which I have LOVED so far! I really don’t know why I have not continued this one yet. It’s kind of pathetic really that I keep putting this off. This Mortal Coil is one of the craziest books I’ve ever read & it was extremely unpredictable. I have put this off for way too long & it’s been on a tonne of TBRs before now. It needs to happen this month! This will also tick off another series completed if I get to it! So that’s exciting.

Orilium Academy Arc: Book with a school setting

Keeper of the Lost Cities is book 1 in a series I have been eyeing for years! There is about 8 or 9 books in this one now & it’s always one I see in book stores & the covers catch my eye. However, every time I see it in stores it’s like book 6 or something & the others aren’t there. So I’ve never actually started it. However when I was googling book with schools this one popped up & it was also available on Scribd! So perfect fit!

The Next Challenge!

Along with this ReadAThon there is also a bonus challenge that needs to be completed before the ReadAThon in April 2022. This challenge includes 3 challenges in order to decide your character before you attend Orilium Academy. I won’t be choosing the books I want to read in this post but I will be letting you know my choices & what challenges I need to complete before April!

Firstly we have background. For this one I’ll definitely be going with Wilding: Read a book largely set in a forest/outside. I grew up & live in rural Australia & I hate big cities. So it just makes sense! This challenge should be pretty easy as I read a lot of fantasy books & books with lots of travel & adventure.

This one was slightly harder to choose but I think I’m going to do with Kerador. It sounds the most interesting to me & the challenge should be pretty easy too. I read a lot of series. So it won’t be hard to read one in an ongoing series. Which I’m assuming they been a series that is still in the publication process.

Lastly we are choosing heritage & after doing a lot of reading I have chosen Earthling & specifically an Air Earthling. They have purple leopard spots & wings with the ability to fly & control air currents. Earthlings in general also have an affinity to animal studies, which is right up my alley, & alchemy. Sounds great to me! For the challenge I will need to read a book with elemental magic or an element word. As I have chosen Air Earthling I will try & read a book with Air in the title or with Air magic involved. Will see what I can find!

Well that is it for this TBR! ReadAThon is just over 24 hours away for me & I’m keen to get started! Let me know in the comments if you are participating & what you’re most looking forward to reading!

Thanks for reading! Eliza

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