The Orilium Academy 🌸 Spring Equinox TBR

It's been a while but between being in a bit of a slump & also starting a new (and second) small business I've been a tad busy! April however is the Spring Equinox of The Orilium Academy and as April started today it's time to share my TBR! ReadAThon Announcement My Character Firstly, since completing … Continue reading The Orilium Academy 🌸 Spring Equinox TBR

Magical ReadAThon: Orilium 🌬 TBR

As you can probably tell by the title I have decided to join the Magical ReadAThon! This round is like a lead up to the actual magical school based ReadAThon that begins in April 2022! Oh and it also replaces the previously Harry Potter themed version! This one is hosted by G from Book Roast … Continue reading Magical ReadAThon: Orilium 🌬 TBR