The Orilium Academy 🌸 Spring Equinox TBR

It's been a while but between being in a bit of a slump & also starting a new (and second) small business I've been a tad busy! April however is the Spring Equinox of The Orilium Academy and as April started today it's time to share my TBR! ReadAThon Announcement My Character Firstly, since completing … Continue reading The Orilium Academy 🌸 Spring Equinox TBR

Magical ReadAThon: Orilium 🌬 TBR

As you can probably tell by the title I have decided to join the Magical ReadAThon! This round is like a lead up to the actual magical school based ReadAThon that begins in April 2022! Oh and it also replaces the previously Harry Potter themed version! This one is hosted by G from Book Roast … Continue reading Magical ReadAThon: Orilium 🌬 TBR

NEWTs & Beat the Bingo ReadAThon ✨ Week 2 Update

We are 2 weeks into NEWTs Magical ReadAThon & Beat the Bingo ReadAThon so here is another update to see how I'm doing so far! Stats Firstly here is some stats! Again I’m using Caz’s ReadAThon Tracker !!So far I have completed 15 of the NEWTs Challenges including 5 of the 7 Challenges that I specifically … Continue reading NEWTs & Beat the Bingo ReadAThon ✨ Week 2 Update

NEWTs Edition – Magical ReadAThon TBR

My second TBR of the day! Don't worry, there will be a 3rd too, just maybe not today ReadAThon Announcement! If you don't know already Magical ReadAThon is a 2 part ReadAThon that occurs in April & August. The first part is your OWLs. In this round you read books to receive grades in Hogwarts … Continue reading NEWTs Edition – Magical ReadAThon TBR

Day 10 Update – OWLs Magical ReadAThon

So it is the 10th day of OWLs Magical ReadAThon and I thought I would do a little update of what I've read so far and what challenges I've completed so far! Physical Reads I read 3/4 of A Curse So Dark and Lonely after the ReadAThon started. So I decided to count it towards … Continue reading Day 10 Update – OWLs Magical ReadAThon

OWLs Magical ReadAThon TBR 2019

The Magical ReadAThon is back and it's time to sit our OWLs Exams! This time we have the added adventure of getting to choose a Career we wish to strive for! Each Career has designated subjects that you must complete. All the links! OWLs Magical ReadAThon 2019 Announcement Full Explanation of Magical ReadAThon Wizarding … Continue reading OWLs Magical ReadAThon TBR 2019

Magical ReadAThon – Charms Extra Credit Edition TBR

Yes! Another ReadAThon. By the end of MateAThon I will have been doing ReadAThons for over 4 weeks straight! I'm crazy, I know. This round of Magical ReadAThon is an addition to the OWLs & NEWTs. Basically, there are 5 prompts and for each prompt you complete you will get an extra day prior … Continue reading Magical ReadAThon – Charms Extra Credit Edition TBR