September 📚 Wrap Up 💫Blogtober #2

It’s time for my September Wrap Up! While I did still read ## books this month I definitely felt like I was reading less than usual. Majority of the books I read were on audiobook because I have been super busy and just haven’t had the chance to sit down and read. I’m still happy with how much I read I just wish I had more time to physically read.
Anyway, let’s jump in!


Even If We Break was a very interesting and creepy story! I read this one for the Bookopoly ReadAThon Challenge LGBT+ MC as this has a Trans MC as one of the POV and I enjoyed it! It was so gripping and atmospheric! I ended up rating this one 4 stars!

Dead Voices is the sequel to Small Spaces which is book 1 in a Middle Grade Horror series. This one is very fun but also very creepy and atmospheric. I love how unpredictable these books are and I really enjoy the characters and the villain is also super creepy. Dead Voices & Even If We Break have very similar vibes too because they are both horror set in a cabin/building in the middle of nowhere and they are trying to escape/survive. I rated Dead Voices 4 stars.

Rebel of the Sands was a reread for me and I enjoyed it just as much this time as I did the first time reading it. Rebel of the Sands was the first book I ever read and reviewed on this blog, so it’s been a while. It’s really action packed, lots of world building and I love the characters. I’m super keen to reread book 2, Traitor to the Throne, soon! I rated this one 4.5 stars this reread and I read it for the Animal on Cover Bookopoly ReadAThon challenge.

All Your Twisted Sisters was so good! I also highly recommend the audiobook for this one it was really well done. I had not heard anything about this book before picking it up but the cover intrigued me and I guessed that it was YA mystery which I was in the mood for. I was so surprised by how much I loved this book. It was VERY unpredictable and the big reveal at the end literally floored me. Amazing read! I rated this one 5 stars and read it for the Book featuring murder challenge for Bookopoly ReadAThon which is doesn’t quite fit but oh well.

Next Girl to Die is the first book in The Calderwood Cases series. This is a pretty standard detective mystery. I have been really into all mystery/thriller/horror lately so this was perfect. I did really enjoy it and it was unpredictable as well. It was nothing mind blowing but I would be interested in continuing the series someday and I rated it 4 stars. I read this one for the “girl” in title challenge for Bookopoly ReadAThon

Loveboat, Taipei was actually surprisingly good. I needed a book set in Asia for the Bookopoly ReadAThon and this one came up on Scribd so I decided to pick it up. I’m not huge into contemporary but I did enjoy this one in the end and rated in 4 stars.

Lastly we have Nick and Charlie which is a novella based on the characters from the Heartstopper Graphic Novels. These characters are just super cute and I love reading the graphic novels. This novel was a little less fluffy than the Graphic Novels but I did still enjoy it. I listened to the audiobook but also flipped along with the physical book as there is illustrations throughout which I love. I rated this one 5 stars!

Ever Cursed as actually really good! I had no idea what to expect from this one as I hadn’t heard any talk about it. It was a really interesting story with amazing characters and vivid world. I really enjoyed it and rated it 4 stars.

A Song Below Water was not what I was expecting. I wanted a siren story and while it started as that it didn’t end that way. The focus shifted from Tav to Effie and while I liked Effie I was more invested in Tav’s story. It was also just a little lacklustre, so I didn’t overall love it. I ended up rating this one 3.5 stars!

The Hate U Give was a reread for me and it’s the 3rd reread I have done. I love this story so damn much and still makes me cry every time! 5 stars for sure!!

Physical Reads

The Price Guide to the Occult was entertaining but had some problems. I did review this one so if you want to check that out you can find it HERE. I rated this one 3.5 stars.

Indigo Owl was amazing! I really enjoyed reading this one and loved the characters, world and plot! I also review this one as part of a Review Tour, so you can find that one HERE. I rated this one 4.5 stars and again a huge thank you to Wakefield Press & AusYABloggers for hosting the Review Tour and providing copies for review.

Graphic Novels

The Tea Dragon Festival is book 2 to The Tea Dragon Society and these graphic novels are amazing! The art work is gorgeous, the diversity is incredible & the story are just so fun and enjoyable. I love them and I can’t wait to pick up book 3, The Tea Dragon Tapestry. I really hope this is one of those series that they just keep adding more and more books because I am so down to read them all! I rated The Tea Dragon Festival 5 stars!

Misfit City Vol 1 & Vol 2 are both awesome! I would definitely read more books following these characters but unfortunately the series has wrapped up for now. These are super fun adventure stories about a group of diverse and badass females on the hunt for pirate treasure. It’s amazing and I love the art style as well. I rated both of these 4.5 stars.

Let’s Chat!

What was your favourite read in September??

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