Lost in the Moment and Found 🚪 Spoiler Free Review

Title: Lost in the Moment and Found
Author: Seanan McGuire
Series Name: Wayward Children
Genre: YA Fantasy
Publication Date: Jan 10th, 2023
Pages: 208
Publishers: TorDotCom

This was a whirlwind but not specifically in the right way… This is easily my lease favourite book in the Wayward Children series.

The main issue I had with this book was the wall that seemed to be between Antsy’s life before & after she goes through her first door. It felt very disjointed in my opinion. Everything that she was struggling with or had gone through just vanished once she got through the door and I feel like none of it was really dealt with.

Considering her father had recently died and she had witnessed it happening (in the very first chapter, in detail, I might add, so be aware of that if that’s something that could be triggering for you) plus the man her mother married was gaslighting and grooming her, at age 7, you would expect that would come through somewhere as to how she was dealing with all that mentally. Some form of trauma or sadness, but nope. It was just never mentioned again until she briefly mentioned it in the end. Even then there wasn’t really any emotion or anything around discussing it, seemingly for the first time since coming through the door. You would think there would have been some more emotion but nope.

Besides that divide I did enjoy both sections of the book on their own. The before was hard to read but mostly well written. I do think there could have been more grief/trauma discussed considering what she witnessed at such a young age. I did appreciate how the grooming/gaslighting section was written. It was clear enough the issue but also how Antsy herself was trying to understand it felt very realistic. She was 7 when she ran away and went through her door. At 7 you very likely do not have the words to explain why his actions made you feel uncomfortable. So for that reason I think it was handled well. I also appreciated that the author did have a warning in the beginning of the book discussing that grooming & gaslighting will be present, though I’m not sure why death wasn’t mentioned in this section considering… It was the very first thing in the book and pretty detailed.

The second half was interesting enough and I enjoyed exploring another world or two. Though considering she went through many doors in the time she was at the shop I feel like we could have gotten a little more details! This section was interesting but a little bland for my liking. In comparison to the high stakes chaos of all the other books in the Wayward Children series this one was a little lacking. I wanted more action, more chaos, more doors and just more. The last 10% was interesting and the first 10% after coming through the door was fun and interesting but everything between that was a bit bland.

I probably would have enjoyed this more if it was a standalone that I went into with no expectations. However, as a sequel to the Wayward Children series it left me wanting more. As the 8th book in a series you automatically have certain expectations as to what you will find in a sequel but it didn’t live up to it’s predecessors.

Thanks for reading! Eliza