NEWTs & Beat the Bingo – Week 1 Update!

So we are 1 week through NEWTs Magical ReadAThon & Beat the Bingo ReadAThon, so I thought I would do an update! So far I have completed 5 NEWTs Challenges & 4 Beat the Bingo Challenges!

Firstly here is some stats! I’m using Caz’s ReadAThon Tracker which I love and it keeps you up to date with your current reading stats! You may notice it says I have completed 7 challenges, that’s not actually correct. As I have combined BtB & NEWTs on one spreadsheet and the spreadsheet doesn’t calculate 1 book counting for multiple challenges this is only showing up with 7 completed, but I’ve actually completed 9 challenges between the 2 ReadAThons.

Book Read & Challenges completed

Firstly, we have Murder in the Mews by Agatha Chrsite. This one I started in July but finished it in August during NEWTs & BtB, so it doesn’t count for any of the challenges! I love 99% of Agatha Christie books and this one did not disappoint!

The Song Rising by Samantha Shannon was my first physical read for the ReadAThons! This is book 3 of The Bone Season series and It was so freaking good! 5 stars hands down and I can’t wait for the next book in this series to release.
The Song Rising fulfilled the Herbology Exceeds Expectation Challenge of Read a book between 350 – 390 pages as well as the Read a Dystopian Book for Beat the Bingo ReadAThon!

Dumb Witness by Agatha Christie was my first audiobook for the ReadAThons & obviously this is another Agatha Christie book and also lived up the expectation. I like how this one was told in a different way to most of the Christie books I’ve read!
This one fulfilled the NEWTs Potions Exceeds Expectations Challenge of Read a book with a cover in your Hogwarts House Colour & also the Beat The Bingo Challenge Read a Mystery Book

Binti was the next Audiobook I read for the ReadAThon. This one was super short and I easily listened to it in one day! I have kinda mixed feelings about this one. I enjoyed the overall story but I also feel like it was lacking in most aspects due to it’s length and lack of explanation.
Binti fulfilled the NEWTs Muggle Studies Outstanding Challenge of Book written by a person of colour & the Read an Own Voices Book for Beat the Bingo!

Dare You To Lie was the next Audiobook I listened to and I loved it! This book gripped me from the very start & I listened to it in 2 straight sessions! I just couldn’t stop!
Dare You to Lie fulfilled the NEWTs Muggle Studies Acceptable Challenge of Cover that includes and actual photo element!

This one I technically finished on Day 8, but I’m putting it in here anyway as I read it before writing this post! The Sword of Summer by Rick Riordan is the second Riordan book I’ve read and it left me underwhelmed! I just don’t think Riordan books are for me at this point!
The Sword of Summer fulfilled the Ancient Runes Exceeds Expectations challenge to Read a book written in past tense & also the Beat the Bing challenge to Read a Middle Grade book.
This book is labelled as Young Adult on Goodreads and the MC is 16, however it reads more childish to me and feels a lot more like a Middle Grade than YA.

Currently Reading!

I am currently listening to Solitaire by Alice Oseman, however I haven’t read a tonne of this one yet so I don’t really have an opinion as yet!
This one will fulfil the NEWTs Defence Against the Dark Arts Acceptable Challenge to Read a book with Black under the dust jacket.

Are you participating in NEWTs or Beat the Bingo? How much progress have you made?
Have you read any of these books? What did you think of them?

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