Fantasy JourneyAThon – Round 2 – Harry Potter Edition!

Round 2 is here! And this time it is Harry Potter themed!


10th to 19th of August, 2019! In your time zone.

How to?

Firstly, here is the map!

The Map break down:
Eyelops Owl Emporium > Leaky Cauldron > Forest of Dean > Kinds Cross Station > Tottenham Court Road > Flourish & Blotts > The 3 Broomsticks > 12 Grimmauld Place > Ollivanders > 4 Privet Drive

So for this Round your goal is to JOURNEY as far as you can on the map! Starting at Eyelops Owl Emporium. There are 10 challenges for the 10 days of the ReadAThon but you do not HAVE to complete all 10. Just go as far as you can!

The Locations?

So, this round I decided to choose a single book/series and use locations from it alone! I put a poll up on Twitter and you guys voted for Harry Potter! So all these locations were mentioned in the Harry Potter books at some point and I tried to avoid the REALLY obvious ones like Hogsmeade & the Castle.

The Challenges?

Eyelops Owl Emporium: Read a book with a bird on the cover

Leaky Cauldron: Read a book with witches/wizards

Kings Cross Station: Read a book with Scarlet on the cover

Forest of Dean: Read a book with a tree on the cover

Tottenham Court Road: Read a book under 300 pages

Flourish & Blotts: Read a book with a beautiful cover

12 Grimmauld Place: Read a book with a dark theme

The 3 Broomsticks: Read a book with multiple POV or Authors

Ollivanders: Read a book with magic

4 Privet Drive: Read a book set in the real world

Instagram Photo Challenges?

Make sure you use the Hashtag #FantasyJATIG as well as your Teams # (see below)

Litsy Post Challenges?

Make sure you use the hashtag #LitsyJAT as well as your Teams # (see below)

Extra Fun?

So for a bonus feature I thought I would add a little competition! This is completely optional and you don’t have to join this to join the ReadAThon.
This is a competition based on points earned!


If you don’t know your Hogwarts House then head on over to Pottermore, create an account & do the sorting hat quiz to find out.

Team #! Make sure you use your corresponding # when posting on social media to earn points. If they are not hashtagged then I wont see them & they won’t be counted. Also make you spell them correctly.
#JATGryffindor #JATHufflepuff #JATSlytherin #JATRavenclaw

How to earn points

Post a TBR: 20 Points
Each Challenge Completed: 30 Points
Post a Wrap Up: 20 Points
Instagram Photo Challenge Completed: 10 Points (per day)
Litsy Post Challenge Completed: 10 Points (per day)
Tweet about ReadAThon: 5 Points (Total of 30 Points can be earned per day)
Participated in a Twitter Sprint: 5 Points (Per Sprint)

*****For all Social Media (Twitter, Instagram or Litsy) posts please use the corresponding Hashtag to your companion so your points can be counted. These points will be added manually by myself and once the points have been added the Fantasy JourneyAThon account will like the post so you know they have been added.
#JATGryffindor #JATHufflepuff #JATSlytherin #JATRavenclaw

Enter Points for TBRs, Challenges Complete & Wrap Ups using the Google Forms linked below.

All points need to be submitted by 9:00pm of the 20th of August AEST as I will be announcing the winner at 10:00pm on the 20th of August AEST.

TBR Form
Books Read Form
Wrap Up Form

Social Media?



Here are all the graphics you may need for your posts or videos!

Are you planning on participating? Also, what Team are you on?!?! I’m Gryffindor of course!

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