Fantasy JourneyAThon | Reading Challenge Examples

I thought it might be helpful to do up a post of options of books that you could read for each of the challenges. These aren’t recommendations as I haven’t read all of them.

Fantasy JourneyAThon Announcement Post

You are welcome to interpret these challenges as you please. As long as you can explain why the book you choose fits the challenge.

Also all of these options are YA books, of course you are welcome to read Adult & Middle Grade books but the lists would be never ending if I included all books. So YA narrows it down a bit for me. Also I’m more familiar with YA books, so it’s easy to know what fits the challenges.

I also won’t bother explaining every book in every subject unless I think it needs it.

New Beijing – Read a Sci-Fi Book

Sheol 1 – Read a Dystopian Book

Kalyazin – Read a book with Blood on the Cover OR Read a book with a Red Cover

Blood on the Cover

Book with a Red Cover

Medora – Read a book with the ‘Chosen One’ Trope

Emberfall – Read a Retelling/Reimagining

Dustwalk – Read a book about a Rebellion 

New Reynes – Read a book that has a Card Suit on the cover

This is a challenge that has many ways to interpret it. You can choose a book with a ♥️ or a human heart. You can choose a book with a ♦️ or a 💎. Or a book with ‘Heart’, ‘Diamond’, ‘Spade’ or ‘Club’ in the title.

Ellingham Academy – Read a Mystery Book

The Shire – Read a book that is at least 10 years old

The Ice Court – Read a book following ‘Criminals’

Fennbirn – Read a book with Multiple POV

Cabeswater – Read a book that involves a King 

Hogwarts – Read a book that is set in a Magical School

Well that is all the Challenges! If you have any recommendations, please put them in the comments so others can get some inspiration on what to read.

What are you most looking forward to reading during Fantasy JourneyAThon?!

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