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I love audiobooks & I listen to them all the time! I’ve listened to close to 100 audiobooks, so I think I have a fair selection to choose from. So here is my audiobook recommendations!!

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Of course, Harry Potter had to hit the top of this list! Not only are the books themselves amazing, the narration by Stephen Fry is perfect! He is an extremely good voice actor and can do a TONNE of different voices for each of the characters in HP and somehow keep those same voices up for the entire series.

This was one of the first audiobooks that I listened to that had a full cast of voice actors. These audiobooks are amazing! They have a full cast, sound effects, music and heaps more that makes in an incredible reading experience. And also The Illuminae Files are just an amazing series to begin with.
*Just a warning here. If you only listen to the audiobook you will miss the visual aspects of maps, drawings, etc that are present in the physical book. So I highly recommend using the audiobooks as a reread or flip along with the physical/eBook while listening even if it isn’t every page, just flip through every now and then to see what visuals you missed.*


THIS AUDIOBOOK!!! If you are a Harry Potter fan YOU NEED to listen to this audiobook. The beginning of the book follows exactly what is said in the physical book, but then at the end, there is exclusive content and it is amazing! Wanna hear Ginny Potter commentating at the 2014 Quidditch World Cup while Rita Skeeter tries to get the latest gossip on Harry, Ginny, Hermione, Ron, Neville, Luna & all their families?!!? Then you need to listen to this audiobook. It was amazing and I loved getting that tiny snippet into Harry’s world well after the events of the Deathly Hallows


I know these first 3 are all Harry Potter related but they really are amazing audiobooks! This one is narrated by the actor that plays Newt Scamander in the movie Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Eddie Redmayne. Also, it is full of sound effects and awesome facts about the fantastical creatures in the wizarding world of Harry Potter

These books are amazing & the audiobooks are really well done! It seriously felt like I was listening to this book happen through a closed door. I couldn’t see it, but it felt real. The narrator is amazing and Audrey Rose is an amazing female MC!

These are a fun action-packed middle-grade series filled with books, fun & facts. It is literally set in a library with a crazy game/video game maker! I absolutely adored this series and the audiobook definitely added to the enjoyment!

This Duology is full of badass female pirates & sirens. What more could you want? I also really liked the narrator of this series and there was actual good singing for the siren song parts. Not just some narrator attempting to sing (Do not listen to The Raven Cycle on audiobook unless you want horrible singing!)

Basically, anything Agatha Christie that is narrated by Hugh Fraser is really good! I love Agatha Christie books but there is a shit tonne of them! So when I found a lot of them on Scribd I dived straight in and haven’t looked back. The narration is really good and you know basically all of the stories are amazing (Except Endless Night, just don’t even go there unless you want 80% romance & 10% mystery & 10% physiological I don’t know what!)


My goodness, this book was so good! I don’t know why but I love mystery/Thrillers on audiobook. This is apparently a YA Thriller, at the time I just kinda thought mystery but thriller works too. I knew nothing going into this except I had heard it talked about a couple times and I was not disappointed!


If you want a heartbreaking WW2 story that was amazingly done on audiobook then this is your one! This book follows the POV of 4 MCs and has 4 voice actors to fill those positions. All 4 voice actors also have appropriate accents. I’m not 100% sure if the accents are correct to the character they are representing as I’m not good with picking accents. But it made it feel all the more real. I had to pause this audiobook multiple times because I was crying and just couldn’t pay attention. It is so well done and I HIGHLY recommend it.


So I haven’t listened to Crooked Kingdoms yet but I just got it from Audible this week and will try and get to it very soon as I am concentrating on LGBT+ books in June for a couple events and Crooked Kingdoms has LGBT apparently.
However, I have listened to Six of Crows and it was so damn good. It is another one with multiple voice actors for the multiple POV the book follows. I suggest moving up the speed on this one as it is so action-packed that it drove me insane when it was at normal speed as I just needed to know what would happen next and it wasn’t happening fast enough!


This is an adult fantasy that is very character driven. As this is less about the plot and more about the characters I think I would have found it boring if I was physically reading it, but the audiobook was great. I love the group of character we meet in this book, there are tonnes of different species found in this book and they were all soo interesting.
I haven’t finished the audiobooks for the second book, A Closed and Common Orbit, but I did start it. Each book in this series is a companion book and follows a different MC and I just couldn’t connect with the new MC, however, I do want to give it another go as book 3, Record of a Spaceborn Few, is out in the next month and I am keen for it.

These two aren’t the same series but they are both by Ernest Cline and both spectacularly narrated by Wil Wheaton. Wil is the perfect voice for these gaming/sci-fi heavy books. I also just really enjoyed both of them. I love reading books about gaming and both of these have that. Ready Player One is set in and outside a virtual reality game. The creator has died and left eggs throughout the virtual reality world for players to find. The one to find them all the first gets ownership of the game and the creator’s fortune. Armada is where video games come to life when the government use the ideas from video games and brings in the best players around to pilot real-life versions of the battle spaceships in games to save the earth. Think the movie Pixels but with no vintage games. Both of these books are hectic and action-packed. Ready Player One is also full of pop culture hints.

Copy of Goodreads Synopsis

Well, that is all the ones I can think of right now but I am always listening to new ones so I will do an updated version in a few months time.


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  1. Over the course of the year I’m doing a reread of the Harry Potter series via the audiobooks, I’m loving them so far and I can’t wait to continue the series.


      1. I haven’t heard the UK version of the audiobook, I’m listening to the Jim Dale version of the audiobooks which are very good as well.


      2. I’m sure both are great, I’m just used to Jim Dale since I’ve listened to most of the series by him.


  2. I love the Illuminae files audiobooks! They production is amazing and it certainly brings the story to life. I think the audiobooks are my favourite way to experience the story because I did have a few sight problems whilst initially reading the first two in paperback and they’re more engrossing!


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