Audiobook Reccomendations!

I love audiobooks & I listen to them all the time! I've listened to close to 100 audiobooks, so I think I have a fair selection to choose from. So here is my audiobook recommendations!! Of course, Harry Potter had to hit the top of this list! Not only are the books themselves amazing, the … Continue reading Audiobook Reccomendations!

I started a BookTube Channel!

I have mentioned wanting to start a channel on my blog a couple times and I have finally done it! It would be great if you checked out my first video, gave it a like and subscribed! If you are a booktuber, please leave your link in the comments! I have been watching the … Continue reading I started a BookTube Channel!

ANZAC Day – 13 Historical Fiction I still need to read

I'm scheduling this post, so it was written well before ANZAC Day, but when this goes up I will be on holidays! It will be really weird not going to the ANZAC Day parade at home, but we will still be attending one nearby where we are staying. So it will be interesting seeing another … Continue reading ANZAC Day – 13 Historical Fiction I still need to read

Agatha Christie: Read and To Read

So I love reading Agatha Christie books, especially Poirot stories. I used to absolutely love the TV shows too! I also feel like as Agatha Christie books are older they are barely ever talked about in the book blogging & booktube¬†world! So I thought, why not share some love. In this post, I will be¬†talking … Continue reading Agatha Christie: Read and To Read