May 2018 TBR

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So I have a few things going on in May! Firstly there is the usual ReadAThon, Duodecathon. I usually do #AYearAThon as well, however, I have decided to skip May as I think the theme and challenge are stupid and I don’t get it. The theme is rereads and the challenge is graphic novels. So are we only allowed to reread graphic novels?? I’m confused by this ReadAThon most months. As usual, I will be reading the BOTM for the Facebook Group I run, The YA Book Nerds. It is a book I have already read so I will just be doing a reread via audiobook to refresh my memory. In another Facebook Group, that I am a helper in, they have an event called Book to School happening which is middle grade based. So I will be reading some books for that (I will do a separate TBR to show the challenges for that one). So let’s get into what I’m actually reading!

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What is on your May TBR? Have you read any of these? What did you think?



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