Agatha Christie: Read and To Read

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So I love reading Agatha Christie books, especially Poirot stories. I used to absolutely love the TV shows too! I also feel like as Agatha Christie books are older they are barely ever talked about in the book blogging & booktube world!

So I thought, why not share some love. In this post, I will be talking about the Agatha Christie books I have read and the ones that are on the top of my TBR list! Of course, I want to read all of them, but I will just share the immediate ones. Also, this will be focusing on the Hercule Poirot series as they are the ones I want to read first. I want to read the Miss Marple ones too, but I’m focusing on Hercule Poirot first. Also, I will be listening to most of these on audiobook as I have really enjoyed the ones I’ve listened to so far and I really enjoy the narrator and also there is a tonne of them on Scribd!

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So I’ll start with the well known ones!


So, this is one of her standalone’s and it is one of the most intense ones I’ve read so far! You are constantly guessing who is murdering everyone and then everyone is dead and you are still thinking ‘Wait, what?! Who was the murder?!?!’. And no that isn’t a spoiler… It’s in the title!


This one is probably the one that everyone has heard about… So I don’t need to say much. This was the first Hercule Poirot book I read and loved it! Even though I had seen it on, I think, TV but it had been a while ago. So I was still really invested in the mystery of this one!

Now onto the lesser known ones!

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Trains again! This one I was a little iffy going into because I was thinking it might be similar to Murder on the Orient Express, but I was so wrong. Yes, it is a mystery on a train, but it was completely different and was still so gripping.


Just a note first, this one has two names! There are different names on the US editions & UK editions I think. It is also known as Murder at Hazelmoor. This one was so good! This one uses a ‘paranormal experience’ to set the murder up, so it was really unique. All of Agatha Christie’s books are so unpredictable!


This was my most recent Agatha Christie read and it was really good too. It was a little different as instead of Poirot coming in before or just after the murder, this one is set 16 years after the murder. Even with no physical evidence Poirot swoops in and discovers the truth and it’s amazing.

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Okay, so I won’t be posting any info about these as I do not read synopsis’s for Agatha Christie books as I don’t want to know anything! I will link the Goodreads for them all below so you can check out the goodreads synopsis if you want to know what they are about.

The Murder of Roger Ackroyd
The Big Four
Evil Under the Sun
Poirot Investigates
Murder in Mesopotamia
Death on the Nile
The Murder on the Links
Cat Among the Pigeons

I’m really keen for Poirot Investigates as it will be the first book of short stories I read by Agatha Christie. So I’m keen to see how that one goes!

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Which Agatha Christie books have you read?
Which were your favourite?
Which ones are still on your TBR?

Let me know in the comments!



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