November 2017 TBR

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Here is my November TBR. In November I have 3 ReadAThons going. Firstly the #HouseCupReadingChallenge which started in October but doesn’t finish till the 12th of November. I also have Read-A-Thin which goes for the whole month of November & lastly Duodecathon which goes from 22nd to 28th of November.

So you will see TBRs for Read-A-Thin & Duodecathon to show the challenges & the @HouseCupReadingChallenge one is already up but obviously, they will all be the same as the books shown here.

So here they are!

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This is the BOTM for my facebook group The YA Book Nerds. This hasn’t actually been announced as the voting doesn’t end for a little while yet but as it has more than double the amount of votes that the other options, I would say it’s going to win!

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This is the Life & Lit BOTM!

This is the only 2 BOTMs I am doing so far out of the ones I know about. Life & Lit has said their second book too but I read that book in October and that was Stalking Jack the Ripper. YA Book Club and Book Talk also has said theirs too but it’s a book I’m not interested in.

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These are the books that if I finish the BOTMs & the books in the ‘Other Reads’ section I will pick up some of these.

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Beastly is kind of an extra read too, the other three will have a preference but if I finish them I will start it.

That is it for my ridiculous TBR! Not included my ‘extra reads’  I will be reading 9 books and 3 audiobooks. In total it is 15 books and 4 audiobooks! Wish me luck!

What is on your November TBR?!



2 thoughts on “November 2017 TBR

  1. Hope you love Warcross! There’s so much raving going on about it, but I’m swearing it’s worth it, haha.

    Wonder Woman is on my TBR as well; although I don’t know when I’ll ever get to read it, oops.

    Have fun reading! 😀


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