I want to start a bookish Facebook group with monthly reads!

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Okay, so this will be a totally random post!

As many of you know I am Australian! I also love joining bookish groups and joining in on the BOTM ReadALongs! However, all the bookish groups I am in seem to be based in either the UK or US and they base their ideas of the seasons and holidays that UK and the US have! Being in Australia we are in the opposite seasons to them atm! We are in Spring atm and ALL the bookish groups I’m in right now are holding ‘Fall’ & ‘Halloween related events or have them coming up in the next month or so. Which is fine, but it just doesn’t fit what is going on around me here in Aus! For one thing, people in Australia barely celebrate Halloween. I know in recent years people have been trying to make it a thing in Aus but it’s just not really happening…. And as for all these ‘fall’ themed reads, I’m kinda sick of it… (Also, we call it Autumn)

I will still be apart of the groups I am currently in but I was considering making a group that is based from Aus. Anyone worldwide would be able to join but I just want something a little closer to home when it comes to themes and challenges!

For the BOTM we would vote on a book that has been released in the last 12 months. I know a lot of groups focus on new releases or older releases (older than 1 year). So I figured I would be in between those two!

Please let me know if you would be interested in joining a group like that!!

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2 thoughts on “I want to start a bookish Facebook group with monthly reads!

  1. I get how you feel, I’m from Venezuela and we only have two seasons here Dry season and Rainy season…We’re in the middle of the two right now so no sun at all most days…I think it would be fun to be a part of a reading group I used to have Facebook friends to do Buddy reading and stuff but they stopped…because life…So if you do decide to do this I’m in…

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