July 2017 Owl Crate Unboxing

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So this is my first time getting an Owl Crate box! I’m going to jump straight into it!

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Here is a link to their website!

Owl Crate:

Cost of the Box: $29.99 USD (Approx $37.50 AUD)
Shipping to Aus: $19.99 AUD (Approx $25.00 AUD)

Owl Crate Jr.:

Cost of the Box: $27.99 USD (Approx $35.00 AUD)
Shipping to Aus: $19.99 AUD (Approx $25.00 AUD)

You can also purchase previous boxes HERE!

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July 2017 – Wanderlust

As always I will write under each photo what is written in the book next to it. I’m also going to add pricing or a guess at pricing so we can see if the box is worth the price tag!

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LOTR Backpack

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Going on an adventure? Don’t forget to pack your The Lord of the Rings inspired backpack! You’ll feel like you’re joining Frodo and friends on an epic quest! This backpack was created exclusively by us here at OwlCrate, just for you!

You can get drawstring bags like this for about $6.

Owl Luggage Tag


Use this super cute owl luggage tag when you’re next at the airport! He’ll protect your bags while you fly off for new horizons! Created by the wonderful team at Mudpuppy.

On the website, you can purchase this for $9.99.

Funko Keychain

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Wouldn’t it be so magical to join Newt Scamander as he travels the world in search of fantastic beasts? This adorable keychain from Funko is the next best thing!

These Funkos cost $9.99.

Pocket Mirror

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Now you too can become Antari and join Kell on all of his misadventures, with your very own A Darker Shade of Magic inspired pocket mirror! This beautiful mirror was designed exclusively by Miss Phi. The phrase ‘As Travars’ means ‘to travel’!

You can find pocket mirrors online for around $10.

Pocket Journal

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While you’re away on your next trip, don’t forget this funky pocket journal from Ooly! You’ll want a convenient place to jot down all of your travel memories! We sent out 8 different styles – which one did you receive?

You can purchase this on their website for $9.99.



How beautiful is this art print designed by Shailey Ann Designs? It features a quote by Francois Rabelais, and is also inspired by the novel Looking for Alaska. This is an OwlCrate exclusive design!

You can purchase a print of this size on their website for $8.00

Monthly Pin

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The book!


This is the story of a charming lord who won’t grow up, his best friend (who he may or may not be in love with), and his studious and sassy little sister. This is the tale of their incredible road trip through 18-century Europe, and all of the mischief they encounter along the way. This book has everything you could ever want – an amazing cast of diverse characters, pirates, highwaymen, mysterious artifacts, laugh-out-loud moments, dangerous adventures, and ALL THE FEELS!
The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue has us smiling from beginning to end, and we know you’ll love it! We also hope you enjoy the exclusive cover, super fun letter and signed bookplate from Mackenzi Lee, as well as the cute art print map!

On Book Depository this book is $24.93 but I will give it $30 for the exclusive cover & signed book plate.

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So adding up all the pricing it ends up at $83.97 AUD. This box cost me $62.26 so I am happy with how much this box ended up being worth.

I personally won’t use the owl bag tag as I don’t think it is cute and I just don’t travel anywhere that requires a bag tag. I also personally think it’s more of an item for kids.. I also won’t use the drawstring bag as I haven’t used them since Primary school when we had to.. Also, another item that I think is more for kids… Not necessarily the quote and design itself but the bag itself.

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That is all for this unboxing!

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4 thoughts on “July 2017 Owl Crate Unboxing

  1. I have always wanted to try Owl Crate, I hope I get to try it sometime in the future, they always have such well put together boxes.

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    1. I know! Me too.
      The only thing that worries me about it is I also get The YA Chronicles and in the past there has been months that they both had the same book in the box!
      Hopefully that doesn’t happen again!

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      1. I have also heard that happening with Owl Crate and Fairyloot, but I know that has only happened I think once, and I did hear that they take that into consideration when they choose a book.

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      2. Yeah I have seen that too. Fairyloot is too expensive for more though. With shipping to Australia the box ends up around $75 AUD compared to OwlCrate & The YA Chronicles which are only about $50 a month.


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