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So I have my main pinterest account, which you can find HERE! But I have been thinking about starting a specific bookish related pinterest for a while rather than keep adding those similar boards to my main account! So here it is! It took me about 4 hours this arvo to get everything up that is there so far, luckily I had nothing to do today haha!

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Click the pic or HERE to get to my profile!

I’ll leave photos below of the type of boards I will have to follow! It would be awesome if you went and followed me if you have a pinterest account! Happy pinning!

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6 thoughts on “Follow my new Pinterest!

    1. Thanks! I do try and keep things organised! I’ve always been really happy of my old one too, so I just did the same thing but bookish haha.
      And I’m about 3/4 of the way through The Diabolic and a certain thing was happening when I had to put it down yesterday and I really want to go pick it up right now and see what happens but I can’t atm 😩 There is sooooo many twists and turns in this book!!

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    1. Yeah haha I like being organised when it comes to pinterest. I’m very fussy with pinterest because it’s all set out the way it is. And then there is Tumblr and it’s just reblogging everything! 😂

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