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So I have my main pinterest account, which you can find HERE! But I have been thinking about starting a specific bookish related pinterest for a while rather than keep adding those similar boards to my main account! So here it is! It took me about 4 hours this arvo to get everything up that is there so far, luckily I had nothing to do today haha!

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Click the pic or HERE to get to my profile!

I’ll leave photos below of the type of boards I will have to follow! It would be awesome if you went and followed me if you have a pinterest account! Happy pinning!

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Thanks! I do try and keep things organised! I’ve always been really happy of my old one too, so I just did the same thing but bookish haha.
And I’m about 3/4 of the way through The Diabolic and a certain thing was happening when I had to put it down yesterday and I really want to go pick it up right now and see what happens but I can’t atm 😩 There is sooooo many twists and turns in this book!!

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