November World of Wizardry Geek Gear Unboxing


Geek Gear never disappoints! These boxes are absolutely amazing!

As usual I will put below all the pricing and info you need if you were interested in this box!

What you need to know about the subscription box

So first I’ll tell you all you need to know about this Subscription box.

Here is the link to the website.

This subscription box is based in the UK and I live in Australia.. So, I will have UK pricing and Australia, but only shipping prices for Australia.

This subscription service offers a standard GeekGear box, a Harry Potter themed box (World of Wizardry), Mystery Mixed Past BoxMagical Mug Gift Box & Magical Git Box.

They also offer an automatically renewable subscription that is cheaper than a non-subscription. The links above are for the non-subscription box and here is the link for the cheaper auto renewal subscription.

World of Wizardry box and GeekGear boxes (Non-Subscription) are both £24.99 or $41.69 AUD
World of Wizardry box and GeekGear boxes (Automatic Renewal) are both £19.99 or $33.37 AUD
Mystery Mixed Past Box is £12.99 or $21.69 AUD
Magical Mug Gift Box is £9.99 or $16.67 AUD
Magical Gift Box is £19.99 or $33.37 AUD

Shipping to Australia is £5.99 or $10.00 AUD
Which is extremely good compared to a majority of international subscription boxes!

What I received

As normal, under each item’s individual picture I will write the descirption from the item info booklet thingy.

I am also going to add photos of some of the packaging as most of it was Christmas themed and it is really nice and just adds that extra touch to the box


Harry Potter Wand Replica


A beautiful replica of Harry Potter’s Wand, hand painted in high detail.

Treat it with care, this wand has a lot of history attached to it!

The wand also came with this little card and also the below photos are the packaging!

Gringott’s Bank Coin!

A beautiful coin from the wizarding world’s very own, Gringotts Bank!

Don’t spend it all at once!

Harry Potter Piggy Bank

Start saving money in your very own Harry Potter Piggy Bank!

PS. We are not saying Harry Potter is a pig!

Hogwarts House Lanyard!

Show your house with pride by wearing your very own house lanyard!

“The Weasleys Family Christmas” Art Print


A beautifully designed art print by the very talented Aliana Steputat.

Exclusive and Limited!

Fantastic Beast Pot Card

Magical Christmas Cards!

Give Someone a magical Christmas card!

4 Cards + 4 Envelopes!

Magical Congress Fantastic Beasts T-Shirt


A Fantastic new T-Shirt from the new Movie!

The Box!

As you can see, the normal box is in the background!


I absolutely love this box!

I seriously need to buy a new bookcase! I have no room left to display all the amazing stuff that comes in the GeekGear boxes on my Harry Potter shelf anymore!


3 thoughts on “November World of Wizardry Geek Gear Unboxing

  1. As long as the contents make you happy! That’s like an early Christmas gift, my Potter-loving friend!
    You know what I love about Rowling? She embraces her Potter fame, unlike Stephenie Meyer, who is trying to distance herself from her Twilight fame. I really hafe when authors don’t embrace what made them famous, you know? And what happened to Suzanne Collins of Hunger Games fame? Sounds like I need to post a rant! Lol!


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