November Haul

The Book Depository links are the paperback editions..

Physical Books


Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them: The Original Screen Play by J.K. Rowling

iBooks & eBooks

I discovered this app called BookBub. BookBub shows and links books that are free or cheap on the iBooks App. There is a fair few, So I am only going to link the Goodreads links

Books bought from Scribd


Subscription Boxes

Funko Pops


Well, I’m pretty sure that is everything!


5 thoughts on “November Haul

    1. Book Outlet was in pretty sure the one I tried that had ridiculous shipping prices to AUS. I think.
      And yeah you need a subscription for Scribd. I have both and Audible and Scribd subscription. I like Scribd because you get 1 Audiobook and 6 eBooks every month as part of the subscription and I’m pretty sure it’s a similar price to Audible.


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