Books on my NetGalley TBR

So I’ve jumped back on the NetGalley train. I have some books on there from ages ago which I never got to but I’m going to try and knock them out by the end of the year!

Recently Approved

Viviana Valentine Goes Up the River – Releases 2nd of May 2023
Black Forest – Releases 1st of Nov 2022
The Empress of Time – Releases 5th of Oct 2022 (got approved after release date)
The Book Sellers Apprentice – Releases 27th of Sept 2022 (got approved after release date)

Viviana Valentine Goes Up the River was slightly a mistake in requesting as it was actually the first book in the series I thought I was requesting. Book 1, Viviana Valentine Gets Her Man hasn’t even released yet and I didn’t notice the date was 2023. So I assumed that this was book 1 as. I didn’t know the name off by heart. But either way it’s a mystery I’m very keen for.

Black Forest is also a mystery but this one seems to have a bit of a paranormal hint to it and I’m very curious.

The Empress of Time is another sequel and I haven’t actually read book 1 yet. It was on my TBR & I own the eBook already so when I saw book 2 I thought why not? I can binge the two and they sound right up my alley, so fingers crossed I enjoy them!

The Book Sellers Apprentice is probably the one I’m most keen for. I read The Grandest Bookshop in the World last year and LOVED it! So I’m very curious to see what the author does next. This one is a prequel to Grandest Bookshop and they are Middle Grade Historical Fantasy.

Previously Released

Select Few – Released 9th of Oct 2018
Light Years – Released 9th of Oct 2018
Vivatera – Released 22nd of Feb 2019
The Girl and the Stars – Released 30th of Apr 2020
The Sisters Grimm – Released 6th of Feb 2020
Until the Last of Me – Released 29th of Mar 2022
Shadow in the Empire of Light – Released 19th of Jan 2021
Don’t Get Close – Released 8th of Mar 2022
The Bone Cay – Released 7th of Dec 2021
Firefrost – Released 21st of Sept 2020

I’m not going to go into details for these ones as most of them it’s been that long that I don’t remember! I will be giving them all a go soon & I might even make it a bit of challenge in November and vlog it. So keep an eye out for that!

Have you read any of these? If so let me know which ones I should prioritise!

Thanks for reading! Eliza