Recent Reads & Currently Reading

So, it has been a while since I’ve posted a review or any post besides the recent ReadAThon announcement. I thought I would just make a post about why I was MIA as well as what I have recently read that I haven’t reviewed (and probably wont) & what I’m currently reading.

First off, I was in a massive slump! After February I did not feel like reading ANYTHING. Not even audiobooks. I also felt over posting on my Insta, YouTube & Blog. So I took a massive break from everything bookish basically.
Towards the end of April, I felt like reading, so I went on to Scribd (as I wasn’t at home, so didn’t have my books with me) and scrolled until I found something interesting. Since them I’ve been slowly reading some books & I’ve been doing some rereading on audiobook as well. I’ve slowly been getting back into my social platforms as well. I’ve been trying to post on Insta and then I decided to host a ReadAThon, which has been super helpful for my reading. I think I’m back and doing good and will be trying to post on here consistently again and also get back into reviews when I feel like it. Lately I’ve been simply reading and enjoying it rather than reading critically and thinking about my specific thoughts on the book as reading. I still haven’t gotten back into YouTube but I’ve been getting the feeling to want to film but just don’t know what to film. Oh well, I will get there eventually. Enough of that, now onto what I’ve been reading recently.

Recent Reading

As I said above I’ve been doing some rereading on audiobook. So I’ll start with those.

I reread the Truly Devious series via audiobook in April and really enjoyed it. This is one series that I could reread again and again and each time you would discover a new piece of information that you missed the first time around. I absolutely love this series and I will probably reread it again.

Now onto the new books I read.

Firstly, I read The Girl in Red by Christina Henry which is an apocalyptic loose retelling of Red Riding Hood. I absolutely loved this book except I was a little disappointed in the ending. I love the characters, the story line and I loved how the book jumped around in time to tell the story. As I said, the ending was a little disappointing as I found it a bit rushed and also a little convenient. Everything ended too easily in the end which I wasn’t a fan of.

The Strange Case of the Alchemist’s Daughter by Theodora Goss was really freaking good! I absolutely loved this book. It is right up my alley as it’s a YA Mystery with a badass group of female characters and plenty of twists and turns. The characters are awesome and I love how action packed the book is. It’s also full of twists and turns and it completely unpredictable! Amazing book.

Next I read 2 Graphic Novels. Which I will only mention briefly as I will discuss them in depth during my Fantasy JourneyAThon Wrap Up. Super interesting series so far and I’m keen to get to Vol 3.

Currently Reading

I’m currently reading European Travel for the Monstrous Gentlewoman which is the sequel to The Strange Case of the Alchemists Daughter and loving it! I’m also rereading Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone on audiobook and enjoying this as well. Of course!

What are you currently reading? Have you read any of these books? What did you think of them?

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  1. Oh I recently read The girl in red as well, and I absolutely loved it!
    Glad you’re out of your slump!


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