Fantasy JourneyAThon – Round 3 Announcement

It’s time for Round 3 of Fantasy JourneyAThon!

This round will go from the 1st to 31st of May 2020

The map for Round 3 is based on the map of Medora from The Medoran Chronicles by Lynette Noni! You do not need to have read The Medoran Chronicles to participate or understand the ReadAThon! I just love the map, so decided to recreate it and use it for the ReadAThon!


So, firstly, the map!

So, the aim of the ReadAThon is to journey from Haroyell in the West to Nialas in the North East. You may choose whichever path you please & depending on the path chosen you will either read between 6 or 8 books as the paths vary in length. Each team does however have an ability and some of these abilities make you be able to complete the path by reading less books. But more on that later. Next, the prompts!

Reading Challenges


There are 5 teams each with a unique ability. Each team is based off one of the Races that are present in The Medoran Chronicles. So let’s chat about those and I’ll also give a brief description on each for those that haven’t read the books!

Mortal beings – No special powers
Ability: Use 1 book for 2 locations as long as those locations are directly connected on the map.
Ex: You could use 1 book to complete Woodhaven & Tryllin but not to complete Woodhaven & Ezera Forst

Immortal beings – Physically Powerful, Swift, sharp eyesight & perfect memory
Ability: Skip one location on your path but you will not gain points from this skipped location. You CANNOT skip Haroyell or Nialas as these are the Start & Finishing points.

Tia Auran
Immortal Beings – Telekinetic Powers
Ability: Receive double points for any challenge completed. This can be used on any locations prompt including Haroyell & Nialas as long as the book you read fits the challenge.

Shadow Walkers
Power to control Shadow
Ability: Jump from one path to another. You can jump from any location on your current path (Excluding Haroyell) to any location on another path. You CANNOT jump ahead on the same path.
Ex. you could travel: Haroyell > Meya > *JUMP* > Hallowgate > Nialas.

Power to control light
Ability: Complete a location with ANY book even if it doesn’t fit the prompt. This can be used on any location including Haroyell & Nialas. Audiobook, Graphic Novel, Short Stories, comic, eBooks, etc. all count! If it’s on Goodreads it can be counted.


You earn points from reading pages & completing challenges. There will also be ways to earn points through photo challenges on Insta & Reading Sprints on Twitter!

1 page read = 1 point
1 challenge completed = 20 points
1 photo challenge posted = 5 points
1 reading sprint participated = 5 points

It is up to the participant to keep their section of the Points Tracker up to date to earn points for your team. Points are calculated on an average so that even if one team has more members than another there will be a fair chance of winning.

Sign Up & Points Tracker:

Photo Challenge

There will be 4 photo challenges throughout the ReadAThon! These challenges will be announced on Saturdays on both Instagram & Twitter and you will have till Friday to post your challenge in order to earn points. You MUST use the hashtag #JourneyAThonIG to receive points. These points are added by the host, so all you need to do is post the photo & use the hashtag.

Reading Sprints

I will be hosting Reading Sprints on the Fantasy JourneyAThon Twitter. These will be random, so if you wish to participate & don’t want to miss out you can turn on post notifications for the Fantasy JourneyAThon Twitter. That way you will get a notification when sprints are held.

All the Links!



Sign Up & Points Tracker:

Well, I think that is all the info you need! If you have questions feel free to comment them below or message me on he Fantasy JourneyAThon Twitter or Insta!

Let me know if you are planning on participating and what team you will be joining!

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