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Okay, so when I first started my blog I felt like everything was good and threw 4/5 stars around everywhere. I also used to let hype choose my ratings a lot of the time. I also used to be kinder and rate books that I really didn’t enjoy that much a bit higher. However, now I am a fair bit more critical and also don’t mind throwing a 1 or 2 star around if a book deserves it. Also, I may feel a certain way when I finish reading a book, but after time I came to realise that maybe it wasn’t as good as I initially thought, or I can’t stop thinking about it and I feel like the rating should go up a bit.
Another thing that has changed is that I now have more books to compare to and have kinda got more comfortable with what each of the star ratings means. When I first started I just kinda guessed and was like ‘that’ll do’ but now I have a better idea or my rating system.

I hope that makes sense, it was kinda hard to explain. Let’s just get into it!

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So the first ones I’m going to talk about is a bit of an unpopular opinion. But I fail to care.
So this is one that I got caught up in the hype of. However the longer it gets from when I read them the less I care about this world, the characters and the hype. I didn’t love the romance, to begin with, so that hasn’t changed.
I rated ACOTAR 4.5 star & ACOMAF and ACOWAR 5 stars. I still didn’t enjoy ACOTAR as much as the others. So I am changing the ratings to
ACOTAR: 3 stars
ACOMAF: 3.5 stars
ACOWAR: 3.5 stars

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This one won’t be a huge change as I did enjoy it. But also I found it predictable and now, I remember nothing. The story just didn’t stay with me. I just don’t feel like it deserves to be rated along with some of the books that I loved!
Old Rating: 4.5 stars
New Rating: 3.5 stars


This is another one that I just don’t remember anymore. I do however know that I didn’t enjoy the ending and the writing wasn’t as fabulous. It was a tad confusing really and the overall book didn’t blow my mind. So again, I don’t feel like it deserves to be with some of my favourites.
Old Rating: 4.5 stars
New Rating: 3.5 stars


This one I did mention the problem in my review. The whole book just felt like it was leading up to book 2 and felt more like a prequel than an actual novel. It was also kinda predictable except the one plot twist at the end.
Old Rating: 4.5 stars
New Rating: 4 stars


This was a book that I felt like I should loved and that is how I rated it. However, I found these two books boring and underwhelming.
I did rate City of Ashes appropriately. I rated it 3 stars and I think City of Bones deserves the same rating.
Old Rating: 4 stars
New Rating: 3 stars


This is another one that I just don’t even remember anymore. I didn’t love it to begin with, but now I care even less. The only thing I remember actually liking was the shadow cat, Mr Kindly and that occasionally Jay wrote as if actually talking to the reader and I found that amusing. Besides that I just didn’t care for it.
Old Rating: 3.5 stars
New Rating: 3 stars

The last thing I am changing is my rating for DNFs. In my rating system I have DNDd as a half star rating, however, sometimes I feel like that isn’t the case. Some of them aren’t absolutely awful, they just aren’t for me. So I have decided to just not rate books I DNFd.
This only includes the books that I have DNFd and never plan to pick up again, not the ones that I DNFd because it wasn’t the right time to read it or I want to try again with a different format. The ones I plan on trying again I didn’t try even rate or review because I’m not finished with the story yet.

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14 thoughts on “Books I am changing my rating for

  1. I have been thinking about this for a while now too!! I have a bunch of books that after thinking on them a while deserve a different rating. I’ve been feeling the guilt about not changing them! haha Great post!

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    1. It has been bugging me for a while and I was discussing Furthermore with someone today and say that I had rated it high and I was like. But why?! I don’t feel that way anymore. So I kinda just said fuck it. I’m writing a blog post about it!


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      1. I totally did that yesterday! I was describing a book to my roommate that I had given 3 stars, but as I talked about it I realized how much I actually didn’t like it… And there was a book that I actually liked more than I originally thought that I feel I rated unfairly now and I feel guilty about that one..

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      2. Totally understand that. There could have been a couple that I could have bumped from 4.5 to 5 but I wasn’t 100% sure. I felt like making a 4.75 rating purely for a couple books. 😂


  2. Great post! I have found myself changing a couple of ratings too although normally moving up usually with books that I knew I enjoyed while I was reading and straight after finishing them but then couldn’t stop thinking about so they moved up! I have also had books where I rated them as soon as I finished reading but then when I got around to writing my review realised I actually disliked more about it than I thought or liked it more than I realised and then I have to change my rating! 🙂

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  3. I really like this post idea. I randomly find myself thinking about books at times and I wonder why I gave it this rating when it really should have been this instead. I like seeing why. I always feel weird about it but then I’m like if I don’t remember a book or if now I realize something I didn’t before I feel it’s okay to change your mind. It happens.

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