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Okay it’s the middle of the year and also my birthday today already! So I had a pretty good reading month in June and I hope that continues this month! I have a couple eGalleys that I have to get to this month and my second ever goodreads group read! And luckily the two groups I’m in chose the same book this month! So let’s get into what I will be reading!

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So I got a copy of Draekora on NetGalley so I’m reading the first two books as Draekora is the third in The Medoran Chronicles!

Cinder is the book that is for the Goodreads group reads I’m participating in! And btw if you wanted to know which Goodreads groups I’m in they are Forgotten YA Gems & YA Book Bloggers

Song of the Current I received in The YA Chronicles box last month and it sounds really awesome so I’m keen to get to it.

These two are possible reads for the Duodecathon  for July as I’m choosing to do the following challenges:

– A book that has been on your TBR FOR 2+ years
– A book with multiple authors

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I don’t know if I will actually get to these, it will just depend on how long it takes me to get through The Dream Thieves! The Raven Boys was the book of the month for a goodreads group in June and they were thinking about continuing a buddy read and discussion going with the next books, so I have kept going with my reread of the series via audiobook!

And I think that is all! I will hopefully read more than this and I will also be participating in 2 ReadAThons this month, so I will add books in that fit the challenges for the BooktubeAThon but as they havn’t released their challenges yet I can’t really add them to this TBR pile at the moment.

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12 thoughts on “July 2017 TBR

  1. The Medoran Chronicles have such beautiful covers! Instant attraction for me XD
    I also want to try Song of the Current soon. I hope you enjoy Cinder! I find the sequels are better but still a really great book 🙂
    Lovely post, Liza!

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    1. They really do have gorgeous covers!
      And I have heard that a fair bit, I don’t have massive expectations for that reason and also I read Heartless by her and didn’t love it. I hope I enjoy it though!
      And thanks!!


    1. Yeah I have read it. It’s a reread for me! I love the books and Cat from Little Book Owl was always talking about the audiobooks so I decided to give a go and love the audiobooks too.

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      1. I have listened to Illuminae, Harry Potter, LOTR & The Raven Boys.
        Illuminae is amazing, Harry Potter I love and Stephen Fry’s voice I think is perfect for the story. LOTR was alright, it was a little difficult to concentrate on because there is just so much sense information a lot of the time. And I also started getting confused with names! Which is crazy because I am watched the movies a hundred times easy and love them and I know all the characters but for some reason when listening to the audiobook half the time I was just thinking ‘Wait who are we talking about’.
        And The Raven Cycle is okay, the narrator is a bit odd, he can’t really do female voices to well his just voice just doesn’t sound right for the story but after about half way through The Raven Boys I just got used to it and it doesn’t bug me anymore. Not my favourite narrator.

        I tried to start Game of Thrones on Audiobook a while ago. I read 3/4 of the actual book and put it down. I honestly hated it. And people were still telling me that it was really good and I should keep reading so I tried the audiobook and that guys voice and fake accents were horrendous! And legit my cat started hissing at my phone and then ran out of the room. So apparently she didn’t like him either. 😂


    1. I probably will as it’s the only book I own at the moment that has multiple authors, so if I want to complete that challenge it’s my main choice. I could get an eBook with my Scribd credits but I will most likely pick it up! I hope I love it too! 😊


  2. Happy belated birthday! June has been a bit sluggish in terms of reading for me (I only managed to make it through 4 books, no thanks to Dave Eggers The Circle *yuck*).
    The Hobbit has been under my radar for quite some time, and now that it’s a motion picture I just may add it to my ever-increasing TBR list, after I finish reading When Dimple Met Rishi that is.
    I look forward to reading more from you soon, happy July reading 🙂

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    1. Thank you. 😊
      4 books is still pretty good. I’m just glad that I’m out of the slump I was in a couple months back when I was only reading 1 or 2 books.
      I really need to get to the Hobbit. I have watched the movies sooo many times but just haven’t got to the book yet. I haven’t even finished the LOTR series. I still need to get to the last book.
      And I might be leaving When Dimple Met Rishi till August. In one of the Goodreads groups I’m in there is a poll for what the August read will be and it’s looks like it’s winning. So I might leave it till then to read if it keeps looking like it will win. Same with This Savage Song as that Goodreads group has 2 books per month, one Fantasy/Sci-Fi & one Contemporary. So those two books will be a little delayed, I was playing on reading them soon, but August really isn’t that far away. 😳

      And thank you!

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